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This is Juliette; she's Nanette's (in siggy) sister. I'm fostering J, N and Suzette to adopt out. They were all born at the feral colony we manage and survived (out of a litter of 5) a panleoukopenia outbreak last Aug..it's amazing how far they've come taming wise (and size) in two months..tho Suzette's the hardest, she won't leave her cage (large) but the other girls are taming OK, hope to adopt them out next Spring or later..
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she is a very pretty kitty!
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Awww she's gorgeous! Bless your heart for fostering them
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she's got beautiful stripes
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Awwww look at that pretty girl Way to go to you for helping these feral babies.
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very nice, kitty
i bet eazy is going to look just like that (i hope at least)
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Can I call a female cat handsome? Well, I hear the term used with women, so I will say you have a handsome cat.
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