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Isis started wheezing last night. I started feeling worried about her. We took her to the vet who informed us that Isis has fluid on her lungs. She was given 2 shots and a steroid shot. I have to watch her tonight and see. She's either going to get a lot better or a lot worse.. and if she gets too much worse we will have to take her to an emergency vet and put her down
This is ripping me up inside. I don't want her to go.
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Im so sorry Your baby will be in my thoughts and prayers that everything will be ok
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Oh sweety... Is there nothing else they can do other than just put her to sleep? Couldn't they drain the fluid off her lungs? Or does Isis have a pre-existing condition that I'm unaware of?

Either way, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this right now and you and dear Isis are in my thoughts.
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They don't know what's causing the fluid on her lungs... if she makes it through the night I have to take her for an echo test tomorrow

This is really ripping me to shreads... I've never had a pet die on me before.
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Oh I'm so sorry! Saying a prayer that your baby gets better!
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thank you.. the prayers are much appreciated
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Oh no, I am sending many prayers that she will be alright..You must be beside yourself
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I totally am.. I'm sobbing like a little child right now holding her in my heart
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I am so sorry to hear about this. Do they know what's causing her to have the buildup of fluid on her lungs? Does she have another health issue going on as well? My prayers are with you. Try to stay strong sometimes when they look the worst, they magically seem to pull through with a little extra love and care
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I am sorry to hear this bad news about Isis. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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sorry to hear about your pretty girl.
keep us updated, and if you feel like posting your heart out tonight just to stay connected go ahead, we are all here and we all feel ya.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Isis's trouble. I hope you see quick improvement, and she's better soon. Whatever happens, though, we're here for you. This stuff is never easy. Sending vibes and prayers for Isis to be well, and for her Mom to be strong for her.
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They are not sure what is causing the build up, if she makes it tonight we have to take her to the vet tomorrow for the test.. You guys are the greatest.. You have always been here when I needed help when my first cat Sephie first came into my life. It means a lot to me that you guys are here for this hard time. I wrote a poem for her should this be the end for Isis (crossing my fingers and hoping it isnt.) Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers
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I am so sorry. I will pray that she'll be okay. I will be thinking of you and sweet Isis.
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She's very quiet right now.. the vet said she would be.
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I'm sorry. Sending great vibes, prayers and hugs for sweet Isis and you.
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right now she's breathing a little better and she's calm.
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Originally Posted by Ashe View Post
right now she's breathing a little better and she's calm.
that's good news
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Lots of love and vibes coming to Isis. We'll be praying for her here
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Oh I hope the vet can figure out why there's fluid in her lungs tomorrow!
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Oh, I'm so sorry! What a horrible thing to go through. I hope Isis pulls through and gets better! My prayers are with you both! Be strong, little Isis!
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She's not strong enough to have fluid drained from her lungs because they'd have to put her under and she's cant withstand that
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I'm so sorry you both have to go through this. You and Isis will be in my prayers tonight. Sending healing vibes to Isis in hopes that they can drain the fluid and fix whatever the problem is.
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I don't know what is meant by "on" her lungs. I know in and around.

If there is fluid around the lungs, can't they drain it off with a tube?

If she has a buildup of fluid in her lung tissues, can't they give her something to make her pee more to get rid of the excess fluid? That's what they do with people.
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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet girl, I will remember you and Isis in my prayers.
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Oh honey, you and your precious little girl are in my thoughts. Hang in there sweetie, we are all here for you and Isis. Best of luck tonight.
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She and you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I will keep my fingers crossed for her.
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I do hope there is better news for you in the morning. Good vibes coming for Isis.
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I'll move Isis over to the health forum I really hope theres better news though
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