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PLEEEASE help! Introducing new cats....???

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See below...
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Ok I read the sticky about introducing new cats to old ones and I know I am not being patient enough but I am just worried. I am worried more about the kitten being miserable and frustrated and lonely. When I put my old cat in a room to take the new cat out to play I worry about the old cat being lonely and put out and frustrated. Right now the new kitten is alone in the room crying and yowling under the door and the old cat is next to me asleep on the table. I feel like I cant make them both happy. I know kittens need alot of attention and play-time. Any suggestions?
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How old is the kitten?
How old is your other cat
How long have you had the new one now seperated from the other cat?
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3 months is the kitten
2 years is the cat
and only 2 days separation I know you will tell me I have to have patience...but waht do I do when she cries non-stop??)
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It's hard to be patient when you want so much for them both to be happy. I hear your pain and frustration.

Just do the best you can to give them each some time with you. We kept Bijou and Mika separated for a whole month. Mika is half Bijou's size and we were worried he might hurt her because he can play pretty rough sometimes. I know how much we wanted to rush the introduction, but we persevered and now they are best buddies.

Have you tried supervised visits, i.e., allowing them to be together while you are there to watch them? We did that every night and if they started getting hissy, we would immediately separate them again and then do the same the next night and so on. Each outing seemed to last a bit longer than the previous one until we were comfortable going to bed and allowing them to be together without supervision.

As everyone else has said, just try to be patient - I know it isn't easy, but it will be worth it in the long term.
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i am having much the same issue as you. heyu(who is 2) will cry, and yeow like crazy when i lock her up. And the eazy who is the same age as yours. Will do the same when i put him back in the bed room.

Eazy is bored, i know he keeps trying to escape his room. he managed to twice today . lol but un like the first time where heyu when after him. Today she only hissed at him when he went running up to her. Which made him sit down, turn his head sideways for sec. then he just just jumped over her and kept looking around
she did follow, and kept trying to smell him, but he was more into looking around.
often she will lay down in front of the bedroom that eazy is in.

I did notice that since eazy had gotten there that heyu is jumping up on my lap in the TV room and laying down there for a long time. before she would only get in my lap or shoulders in the computer room. also now even when eazy gets out she is not puffing up, or running away like she did the first week.

It takes time, and i am not happy with the speed its going. But cats dont like change. it seems
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