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Crying 16 day old kitten HELP????

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Hi all, one of Boo's babies is just crying. Its like he is hungry. She goes and nurses constiantly. She was actually in with them (3) all weekend, nursing. I was thinking..., is it possible that she got sucked dry and if so how do I help her build her milk supply back up. The other two kittens seem ok, but this is the stronger of the 3 and the champ at nursing thats why I am a bit concerned. If he isnt getting enough and thats why he is crying so much, what about the others. I tried by eye drop and my finger tip to put Whiskers cat milk (warmed) up to their mouths and put a some droplet on there lips but nothing. Any advice....??????
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If you have syringe, put a little warm Whisker's cat milk in it, put it near the side of the mouth of the one who is crying and see if he/she will take some milk. If it does and stops crying, then mom is possibly not quite having enough milk.

If he/she refuses it and continues to cry, a call to the vet is in order.
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Feed mom cat a little bit of watered down goats milk, this will help creat more milk. You should also be feeding her kitten food to build her up and keep milk production in full swing.

Are the kittens in a out of the way place? If mom feels exsposed she could bet stressed and her milk production can go down too.

I hope all is well.

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maybe you just have a noisey kitten I don't know why the mothers milk would have dried up if she is a healthy adult cat who was fed a good quality kitten food throughout her pregnancy like she should have been. If not then there could be something wrong. If it keeps up then take the crew into the vet.
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Yes, Boo is and was on Purina one kitten formula (demand feed and avalible all day) from the second week of pregnancy along with whiskas pouch food (half pouch twice a day) and whiskas cat milk several times a day. The reason I think her milk could be drying up is she had the c-section (emergency) along with a emergency spaying right after delivery. It took about 4 days for her milk to come in at first and she seemed to be going along fine till she literitly spent the whole weekend in the box with her babies, most of the time spent nursing them so Boo herself wasnt out eating or drinking (exspecially drinking) like she normaly does. Right now the litter girly (lol) seems to be quitly sleeping. Yes, she is in my private bathroom (we like to call it her private Mother and baby suite lol.
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I think it is unlikely that her milk dried up, especially if she is nursing them frequently. Seems to me if her milk supply was drying up, she would be pushing them away or ignoring them.

As far as the crying, I swear...there is a 'screamer' in every bunch. And they seem to always be the pushy ones who hog the nipples and act as if they are never fed. I call them the 'constant complainers', LOL. So, in and of itself...that isn't alarming, at least to me. One way to be sure they are receiving adequate amount of food is to weigh them daily on a scale that measures grams (around the same time each day). They should always be gaining at least a little bit. Never losing.

Never a bad idea to call the vet for their opinion, though. I would not take the entire litter to the vet unless absolutely necessary.

Good luck with them!
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