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I have heard that it's best to neuter kittens and not to wait until their older. Well now my kitty is 1 yr. and 4 months and I've decides to do so. Is it okay to still neuter him at this age? It is it going to be diffucult now? Are there more problems at risk?
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Your cat will be fine. Kittens can actually mate at 6 months. Most vets recommend around this time to neuter and spay. It depends on the vet really. I have heard of it being done earlier, but again, it is the vet's preference. The only thing is, if your cat is a sprayer, then he may still continue this behavior even after the neuter. Thank you for being a responsible cat owner.
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A cat can be spayed/neutered at any age - and if a female is in heat a vet can spay her at that time as well, but they charge more.

For a male, one thing to watch as I just went through this - this is advice that the animal hospital we went to informed us of - a neutered male is at a higher risk for Urinary tract infections. So it is good to make yourself aware of the symptoms - (and they come on really, really fast!) If you can, switch the cat to a Urinary Tract Health diet (lots of brands make them now - right now I am using Hill's Science Diet which is expensive and by prescription only, but less expensive brands are available from pet food stores.) Make sure your cat has PLENTY of fresh water - my Siamese who was put down this weekend - was fussy about his water - if it was more than 4 hours old, he wouldn't drink it. So I paid the money ($30) for a circulating water dish. I bought it at Walmart. Every 15 minutes or so, it circulates and filters the water. The cats drink much more actively from that than their glass dish.

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