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Cat on anti-depressents!

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Well I'll be honest I never knew they could be prescribed them!

My aunt has had tigger for 10 months, he spent 7 months at The Celia Hammond trust, and then some time with a family, who gave him to my aunt when they moved overseas.

He seemed fine with my uncle, but not so with my aunt. He'd nip her here and there, but then going up the stairs he'd come behind her and attack her, and last time he bit her so hard it bled quite bad. I looked on here and told her the advice here was to take him to the vet as the last attack was bad, the vet has put him on anti-depressents. He has stopped attacking, but now is less active, the garden he loves he hardly visits, and spends most of his time sleeping...my aunt said she would rather have him bite than be like this with no life, so she took him back and they lowered the dosage.

Has anyone ever had a cat on medication like this? Has anyone got any idea why his behaviour is like this in the first place? Do you think he is insecure as in the long time he spent at the trust, and then settling with a family who then passed him onto my aunt he hasn't been very secure..also why just my aunt he attacks! She loves him to pieces and the thought to give him away has never, and will never be an option for her, she won't give up on this little guy but any thoughts, suggestions, or any stories of your own I could pass on would be a huge help to settle her mind.
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My Ophelia & my Lily are on Amitriptyline...an anti-depressant. I haven't noticed them acting "odd". It may be that your aunt reminds Tigger of someone who was mean to him, or else he is playing with her. My Ophelia will attack & bite me, but that is how she plays with other cats, too. She never learned how to properly play with other creatures until she came into my house @ 3 years of age.
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My Polly is also on amytriptylene, but for cystitis, not for any behavioral problem.

I think lowering the dose will help, and if it doesn't there are other medications to try.
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My Molly is on Ami. for Cystitis too. It can be quite a task to find the right dosage for the cat, but it is something that has to be worked on over time!

I'm sure that working with the vet and trial and error (so to speak) your Aunt will get the right dosage and still keep Tigger calm!
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As others have said, it often takes a while to find the right dose, and even the right type of anti-depressant - this goes for humans as well as cats. Unfortunately it does mean several vet visits over a period of time to assess how the cat is getting along and to adjust the medication accordingly.
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Thanks for your replies everyone, I spoke to her yesterday and he is a little bit more active now since the dose has been lowered and has vets again this week for a check up, the attacks have stopped so maybe the medication is working ok, aslong as what you all said they find the correct dosage for him he can at last be settled and have an active and secure life. Thanks again
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