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Peeing on my bed...HELP!

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Hi! I am in need of some help and hopefully someone can help me!
I rescued a 10 month old Himalayan (her name is Tiki) 2 weeks ago and she has been a very sweet and lovable kitty. The only problem that I have encountered is she has pottied on my bed twice this week. I have taken her to the vet and they find nothing wrong with her. They did encourage me to have her spayed, but other than that they gave me no advice on how to get her to stop this. I have 2 other cats (Echo and Buddy) and they have fallen in love with her, but they sleep on my bed too. The strange thing about her peeing on my bed...is that I'm still asleep in the bed when this happens! Each time she has done it, she pees within a couple of inches from me. It is something that I've done to her? Is she mad at me for something? Or is she marking her territory?
Thank you in advance for your help,
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Well I am going to try posting a link for a great thread on this site. If it doesn't work I have always found the search function to be very good just type in pee and it will come up with lots of helpful threads.

Welcome and good luck : )

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Please check out this link

Do get your cat spayed. It will help level her emotions and will reduce the risk of serious physical illnesses.
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