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What did you get in the post today?

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I got a lovely surprise today!
Speaking to my aunt last week, she was shocked that my nan had never given me anything of my grandads when he passed, though all the other grandchildren did. I'm not materialistic and always wanted something that meant something to him and not of value, just something to make me feel I had a part of him still with me.

So today I get a parcel, inside I recieved some beautiful pictures of my grandad, all black and white and in his younger days, his retirement scroll in its frame, a poem he wrote that was published, some of his artwork and his banjo (he used to be on stage alot) the banjo did it for me more than anything, he taught me to play 'oh susannah' on it and we'd have so much needless to say I was well chuffed!

I also got a gas bill, some junk mail that royal mail seem to like posting with the letters nowdays :| and a christmas card

Anyone get anything nice?
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I got a denial for a credit card. Thats it today.
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Nothing today.
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Haven't checked today's mail yet, but I'm really really hoping to find a present from my SS soon!
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Well, what a wonderful surprise you got in the mail today! I am very sentimental mom gave me my grandmothers bible where she listed births and dates and there is one relative in there that was born 1862!!! Can you imagine??
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wow! that is amazing! can't beat the old sentimental feeling, my grandad was and still is my hero, and this is worth more to me than anything of any value.
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Oh, you got a great gift! Will you post some of the pics?

I got some jewelry, rings and earrings, that I bought off ebay.
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I got my SS present!!
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I got Trouts package from our SS
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I got some bills, a reminder to renew a magazine subscription and a load of 'please donate' letters
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Two business related magazines, a bill, clothing catalog and from my secret santa on the designers list I am on, a gorgeous blue crystal/sterling silver beads and swarkovski crystal paw pendant necklace for Alix! I'll post a photo of her wearing it as soon as we take a good photo
oh yes, and a sales catalog for shipping boxes
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Nothing today.
I take that back! The mail had just not come yet when I was home and i thought it did. My mom called me after i left the house to go to Colins and said that I got a Christmas card from Alycia! Thanks Alycia!
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I got 2 Christmas cards.
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