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Seperation Anxiety

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Could I get a little help/support from everyone here. I have a major depression/anxiety problem. I adopted my cat in May from the Humane Socitey, Pickles her name is. She is my little baby. I dont have kids of my own, but my boyfriend has 2 from a previous marriage. They are 12 and 14 y/o. We dont plan on having kids. Anyways....i have these 'outbursts' all the time at work because I'm worried that Pickles is alone here and she misses us so much. I feel so bad that i start crying at work!!!!! Ive been from doctor and doctor and been trying different meds. This all started because i was hooked on 96 pills of epedrine A DAY!!!! Ive been clean for 2 whole months. So, thats when the anxiety started getting WORSE! Although i am lucky to be alive, i still have my major mood up's and down's. It sucks majorly. So, could some one tell me what or how cats think. Or if you have any sites that explain it so i can know my Pickles is alright while i'm at work. I keep telling myself that if i dont work, then she wont have food, all her 24 mice she has to play with (toys that is, tons of other toys, and everything else you can think of that cat has) She is sooo spoiled. I love her though, and the way she 'talks' back to me allllll the time. Shes so attached and i am as well. I hope you guys dont think im to wierd for writing this and asking your advice, but im sure it will help me. Thank you for listening and being there.
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Honey, my cats love me too, but I know exactly what they are doing. They are all curled up together sleeping.

More than likely that's what your baby is doing. They sleep most of the day and then wake up to keep us occupied when we come home. Believe me, if she were upset, you would find things torn up, thrown all over the place.

I understand about being off the pills and that is good. However, is it possible to get a VERY light anti-anxiety medication to take at work for yourself? Believe me, your cat is not concerned where you are right now, she pretty much knows your schedule. My cats will watch me walk out the door Monday through Friday and they know I'll be home around 3:30 or 4:00.

Try not to get down on yourself so much.
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From your experience with anxieties (and whatever they've been focused on in the past besides cats) will anything we say make a difference? If so, then DO believe that she's ok as the other poster wrote - they just sleep a lot, investigate their environment, and do NOT have the same 'sense' of time passing that we do - they're not aware it's been SO long since you left, etc. But if our saying this doesn't help you, you need to continue seeing your MD (well, I think you should anyway... it's not really about the cat, is it) and refocus your anxiety on something beside your cats, who will be stressed out otherwise, because they can pick up on your worries. Have you tried meditation?
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I am sure your sweetie is fine, but what about you? Are you seeing someone you can talk to about your anxiety? Your insurance might pay for it, or if you can't do that there are plenty of free support groups out there. Maybe a narcotics anonymous, or anything anonymous will help. You will meet other people overcoming their addictions and problems. You might also want to look at other non-medication ways to relax, such as meditation, or hypnosis. There are food supplements that can help your nerves. calcium is one, and chamomile tea will sooth your nerves. Your kitty will be all the happier when her mommy is healthier. Annddd, there is always a playmate looking for a good home.
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Hi everyone,
yes i am seeing a counsler, and a MD. So, im on my road to recovery. I bet she is just fine when im at work, she has TONS of toys, bird feeders outside, so she can watch the birds and squirrells. So, yes im sure she is just fine. I just have to not worry so much. Im on meds, and working on getting better. She can tell too i bet, because shes been cuddling w/ me more Thank you for your advice everyone. Its greatly appreciated!!!!!!
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good luck to all you pickles.
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You take care of yourself. While you are at work, Pickes is home sleeping having the time of her life. Cats, as long as they have water, food and a good bed/sofa to curl up they are happy. They spend most of the day sleeping, at least my Kirim does. Kirim does not even play during the day with her toys, it is at night that she plays because when I wake up I find her toys in different places of the house.
What is important here is that you continue taking care of yourself so that everyone in your household can enjoy your company, of course Pickles included. I know how important those little ones are to us, I adore my Kirim and I"m worry now because my mother is moving in with me and she has a dog. The dog loves cats but I don't know how Kirim is going to react when they have to live together and on to of that, I am moving in 6 months to Tennessee and I have to drive 14 hours with Kirim and Sissi (the dog). I pray we all can be a happy family and get use to each other.
God bless
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I agree with everyone else, while you are at work your cat is almost certainly sleeping, curled up in the most comfortable place she can find

I am not going to say don't worry, as someone who suffers from anxiety myself I understand that it is easier said than done. And congrats on coming off and staying off the epedrine, I imagine that your moods will be all over the place for a while as your body readjusts, but I am sure that in time it will get better.
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Hi Pickles 81, I'm having the same issue as you with about worrying about my cat. I have anxiety issues but that's just my personality. I'm glad that you are taking the road that you are with a counsler and MD that's great, good for you. I have been out of town for a week now and I'll be gone still another week. My Monte is very much attached to me and I'm very much attached to him. My boyfriend has been home a few days with him and he'll be leaving for a few days as well. I ask everytime I talk to him, How is Monte? He just says he's fine and he's meowing a lot. I feel horrible. I think he's sad. He has toys and such, but he's used to me being there and sleeping with me etc. I was on speaker phone and was talking to the cat, how ridiculous is that? Do you guys think that he's going to be mad at me by the time I get home? I sure hope not. And I'm glad to see that there are other people out there like me when it comes to their cat/s.

Good luck to you pickles81, I'm sure glad that you are working on getting better, it'll just take some time. You'll get there!
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Hi there!
Yes I am just like you are with your Monte!!!!! I am very attached to my cat. At least though if Monte has food, water, toys, and some place to cuddle, he wont be mad at you. My counsler told me that cat's brains are so small, that, no matter if your gone for a day or a week, its all the same to them. I believe that to an extent, but i still have faith that your cat will not be mad at you. He of course will be happier than all heck to see you..........but not mad at you. HUGS and stay in there girl...you can do it!
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