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Knittin' with a kitten!!!

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So you know the old stereo-type about kittens & balls of yarn?! Yeah, it's really not a stereo-type at all..... Here I am trying to get booties & a blanket done for my SIL's shower that's coming up, and Louie is battling my finishing tooth & nail.... it ain't so easy knittin' with a kitten!!!

"whatcha doin' momma?!?!" -sorry, he's a blinker, he never has his eyes open for the camera!

"boy these balls of yarn just look like SO MUCH FUN!!!!"

"lemme just see what this tastes like...."

"I'm really helpin' mom by pullin' these yarns up here for her so they can be easy to reach! "

(oh, those are the booties that I made for her, they are not finished at this point, but are waiting for the tie string and a pom-pom for each end)

and I learned that you should not leave a basket of yarn unattended in the living room over night.....or you will end up with multiple balls of yarn scattered throughout the house, tangled together, and woven through the legs of the chairs under the kitchen table....
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Knit one, purrrrrrrl two?
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AWE thats soo cute..ya me and my mom use to croshee(sorry for the spelling) and willie would ALWAYS attack the yarn I havent done that for years..I really miss it but the kitten is sooooo cute !!!!
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What a sweet little helper he is!!
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what a cutie pie!!! he's such a good little helper hehe, just make sure he doesn't sneak any past you and try to eat it- those exploratory surgeries are expensive!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Knit one, purrrrrrrl two?
Jan that's SO funny!!!!

Thanks everyone! I know Nikki, I gotta watch him....he will play with anything, and everything goes in the mouth! He's like a toddler!
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What a little pumpkin he is!!!
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You have to teach him about "Mommy's String". Well, that worked for me and Trent anyway. He knows that he can't play with Mommy's String (my cross stitch stuff), but his toys are string he can play with (the wand toys - he just wants to chew on the string...).

Louis sure is a little cutie being the kitten helping with the knittin'
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I'm sure you would never get done if you didn't have such a good helper!
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How precious.
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