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Clawing Around There Food...

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Since Cosmo and Thumper have been together when I feed them their wet food on and off they seem to eat a bit then claw around their food like they are burying it.

I feed them in different rooms and thumper at first seems to want to eat cosmos so I keep putting her back to hers and she finally eats it. They share dry food and this doesnt happen.

Nothing bad just wondering?
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Hi Thumper!

Two theories on that:

1) Most likely, if they are eating their wet food enthusiastically when there is dry available, is that they are "saving it for later" They're burying their food so that they can come back later and finish it. Yes, they aren't really burying it, but it's an instinct. Mine does it more often when her food's been heated up, making me think that they do it on wet food because it more closely mimics the food they'd be instinctively hunting.

2) Some say they do it because they hate the food and it smells bad. If you have a cat who never does this, and you change food and they refuse to eat and try to bury it, go with this idea. She's trying to tell you something.
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Wow, Id have to say number 2. Thumper really did it yesterday morning.

That made me think that Ive been feeding them iams kitten food but its hard to get around here so I got a can of nutro cat and fed them both it on saturday then yesterday i gave cosmo the rest of the nutro and thumper the iams. I guess she could have been telling me YUK!!

Im out of iams and today im going to pick up some nutro which I think is a better food then iams.

Ill also ask if anyone has any thoughts on the dry food. currently they both get iams but id rather feed them the best out there that I can get locally. is it true that the main difference between kitten and cat food is the amount of fat and some vitamins. Should I just stick with the iams dry and go with nutro wet?

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Saki does this all the time at Zoey's food bowl lol. I guess he thinks her food stinks :p
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Thx, Zissou'sMom - I picked up more nutro and put the food dishes right next to each other and cosmo and thumper both sat and ate the entire bowl. They didnt even come up for air. It had to be that cause since they have been together thumper has been more interested in his food then her's

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My cat also does this after a trip to the litter box - hops out, shakes a paw or two and trots over to her food dish and tries to 'bury' it. Weird.

She eats fine, but I guess is in instinct left over from her feral days.
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A couple of my cats do this too. I had always just assumed they were being polite and cleaning up after themselves
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My rescued feral cat does both #1 and #2. At least, it may be #2... he'll try to cover up my leftovers that he doesn't seem to want. Then again, he may be saving it for later, too, who knows?
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