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What would you do?

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Ok. Lee and I have a house we built. We planned everything. Its is worth about $100,000+ more than we owe on it. He has lost his job and there isn't really anything comprable in the area for him. We are pretty sure there are great opportunities in North Carolina. So do we sell and pick up and move away from our families? I could go back to school and he could work. we would live in an apartment for a few years and then find a home we loved and move into it. Does that sound plausable? Or have we completely lost our minds? How many of you live more than a few hours drive away from your family?
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Sounds like a good plan ....
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Sit down together and write down a list of the pros and cons and then see which list is longer and talk about which cons you could live with even if you didn't really like it. Maybe really research the area or go for a visit. When you're married you're family meaning you and him and the kitties come before anything else and you have to think about what's best for your future you can always visit home and there is always email, phone, and snail mail. So I say do what's best for you and him and the kitties. But maybe look into buying a small starter home rather than renting but I don't know which way is the best on that it would depend on what the apartments said about how good they are about pets and fixing things and the neighborhood and such as that.
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I don't know why this is such a hard decision for me. I have never lived away from my family but I am only 21. I know we need to do what is best for us and the kitters. We just have sucha close knit family that it will be hard. But NC is only like 5 hrs away so we would get to come and visit.
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Is there an employment agency close by where Lee can go for advice on the best spots for jobs in his field???
I would also research the housing market in your area to make sure your house can sell quickly. Can you make the mrtge for a few months if it doesn't?? Can you rent it out.
I agree on making a lis tof the pros and cons to come up with the best decision.
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That's a tough decision. Could you manage with another job not comparable? Is there a venture, maybe a dream he (or you) has that would need starter capital and that would keep you where you are? The equity in your current house could provide it. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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My family is about 7 hours away, but my mom drives down a couple of times a year, so its not too bad. If you make the effort and don't mind the drive, 5 hours isn't bad at all!! If you really think there is better oppurtunity there, I would go for it!!

Plus, then you can meet Neet and Crystal
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The cost of living is really low here, except around the Lake Norman area (which is where they need to be.) So they would need to be prepared to drive a half hour or more to get away from the overpriced lake area.

Skilled labor is in demand, as a lot of people who held the mill jobs just can't do the harder work (computers, professional jobs, etc.) Lots of insurance and banking work around.
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What a tough decision for you Brandi

I'd definately research the jobs before you move, for you and him both. Also, I'd do some more research on the apartments that allow the tenants to have 2 cats .

I moved 2 hrs away from my family, and its not that bad, I go home usually every other weekend or so to see them - and its a nice vacation They come to see me sometimes too, when they aren't so busy!

Good luck with your decision, I know you'll make the right one!
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Brandi, I saw to make the pro and con either way, there will be good and bad to both of what you two decide..........but it can work!
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The housing market in our area is booming. We live in a suburb and houses are going up everywhere. Plus our lot is almost completely wooded so it is very private. I am sure it would sell very quickly since most of the houses going up in our area cost $300,000 and up. As for jobs I will be willing to work even for less moeny if need be. The commute doesn't bother me. We commute atleast 30 minutes each way to work now so nothing new.
I am calculating cost of living now. If Lee can get on with a go karting company then they might sponsor him driving on bigger races and that will get him some spotlight and maybe some doors will open for him. That is all we can ask for is some opportunities. But I believe you have to seek opportunity, it won't come to you.
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You answered your own question.

You said that there isn't any job opportunities for him where you live. So if that's the case, especially if you want to have roof over your head and food on your table, the answer is to move where the jobs are.
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Thanks everyone! I think I will ask Lee what companies he would like to work for and then tomorrow contact them and see if they are hiring. I am impatient and can't wait to see when he goes to kartfest. I have been looking at apartments too. I have seen some I really like....
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