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Pet Insurance - specifically for the Brits

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Since pet insurance is a new thing here in the U.S. and I am watching the cost here, because I want to have it for my kitten eventually.

What do the pet insurances in Britain cover and how do they work? I know here - they cover surgeries... spaying/neutering and vaccines cost extra and can get expensive - and you have to pay the vet's bill up front and the insurance company then reviews the bills and sends you a check a month or two later - not a great option when you still have to come up with that huge payment first. But since it is a new thing and more companies are starting to jump on the bandwagon, I am wondering what could be coming down the road.
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Bad topic to start me on as I'm having hassles over Fifi's dental work with my insurance co. at the moment.

However, it is a great idea and it basically works like human health insurance.

Most animals will only be covered up to about 8 years of age. Also, I haven't experienced this, but a woman at work who has her horses insured tells me that (unlike human insurance) once you make a claim for a particular ailment, that ailment is no longer covered.

I couldn't find that clause in my insurance - so maybe that's down to the individual insurance co.

With regards to paying the bill. I think that depends also on the vet clinic. Mine like the bill settled up front - others might be happy to wait for payment direct from the insurers. The problem occurs when the claim is rejected and they have the chase payment. My insurer was happy for the vet to outline how they wanted payment.

Of course - you do have to pay an excess on each claim, but it's not huge.

However, where the schemes score, is that they do limited liability insurance. So (more relevant to dogs than cats), your animal bites or attacks someone, you are covered if you get sued.

Also if you lose your pet, they will pay for a advertising and also (sometimes) pay up if you give a reward. They will pay out on the death of the animal and if you have to cancel or curtail your holiday due to your pet's illness.

I pay about £15 per month for both my cats - not a huge amount compared to what we cough up for our own health insurance.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks! It did help some. I have looked into two plans here and talked to my vet (though those who have read other posts know I don't trust him at the moment. :-)

He said he does require payment up front and then insurance refunds me the amount less the deductible. The plans seem to run $100 a year for a kitten. That doesn't include spaying or her vaccines - it is an extra $9 or so a month to include coverage for those. But there are only 2 companies that are really actively insuring pets in the U.S. That is changing now that more and more people are looking for it.

As for insurance if my pet attacks someone... since all are inside pets and overly friendly I can't see ever needing that... but I do know others whose dogs are very aggressive. Either way, homeowners insurance covers that here. I think on my homeowners insurance I am covered up to $100,000 liability.
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I recently got Corky and Jinxy insured, and there were a lot of policies to choose from all differ so make sure you look into what they cover carefully.

Thankfully I worked in insurance for a few years so I had some idea what to look for

The insurance I have is that they are covered for life, meaning that even if they suffer from the same illness i.e diabetes they will still pay year after year, the policy excess is also only payable per illness not per claim. The only limit is that I can not claim more than £3000.00 per cat per year. They are also covered for boarding if I have to go to hospital, cancellation of holiday charges if they are ill before I go on holiday ( i should be so lucky getting a holiday) advertising a reward if they get lost, they pay the cost of the pet if they go missing permantly or death by accident.

The only thing UK policies dont cover is third party costs if the cat attacked someone. This is only really applicable to dogs. I belive this is to do with that owners should be in control of their dogs, wheras cats are allowed to raom free and are not considered to be trianable, therefore the pet owner can not be responsible for the cats actions.

Well worth the £6.50 each a month I pay for them, I also get 1 month free a year as I insure more than 1 pet. It's certainly gives me more peace of mind knowing that if anything was to happen I have the insurance.
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Wibble. Your deal sounds better than mine. And in the light of the hassle I'm having at the mo, I'd consider moving.

Wo do you use?

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It is known as vet2pet insurance.

It is actually part of Pinnacle insurance and is linked to National Vetinary Services, and was reccomended by my vets.

If you go to www.vet2pet.co.uk or call 0845 0551030 you will be able to get more information and a quote.
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I use E&L its the cheapest insurance ive ever seen. Purdie is insured for £4.25 per month, this covers everything. There is also insurance for older cats.

I used to be with pet plan, but after Lucy died, and I rang them to see if I could claim for her cremation, they said no. 'shall I go ahead and cancel the policy' It really upset me her saying that, so I vowed not to use them again.

For Emma, my dog, its £7.25 per month, also covered for evertyhing.

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