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Where Did You Hang Your Stockings...

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...if you did not have a fireplace?

When I was much younger, Mom would cover our upright piano with a brick patterned tissue paper. Dad assembled some small logs and made a "fire" using red and yellow cellophane. That's where our stockings hung until we got rid of the piano. Then we hung them from the hall door facings.
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we just lay them under the tree
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That's a really cool idea, Jan! I would have done something similar, but I was always playing on the piano!

We just put ours on our bedroom door handles!
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We don't have a fireplace...I put them on a high windowsill near the tree.
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We had a corner shelf at the end of the hall and mom would hang them there. We could open those beofre mom and dad got up to tide us over.
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We had a fake fireplace with gas fire and a high mantle so we got to hang them over the fireplace
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We had decorative hooks (one was Santa Claus, the other was Mrs. Claus) that were hung on the upright piano, and the stockings were hung from them. Of course the stockings always ended up being too heavy to be supported by the hooks (which were wooden and sort of rested on top of the piano), so they were always under the tree come Christmas morning. Now the stockings just start out under the tree.
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We used to have a big aquarium in the living room so we put our stockings there. Now we just rest them against the TV/entertainment stand my dad made.
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Mantle of the fireplace for us growing up
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I never really had a stocking when I was growing up. We would wake up in the morning and there would be 2 heavy wollen gray ski socks on the coffee table. Nothing much in them but a few Christmas oranges and a variety of nuts in a shell. No toys or anything else in them.

I got my very first Christmas stocking as a gift from a girl I worked with about 11 years ago. She couldn't believe that I never had a Christmas stocking. So she bought one and stuffed it with all kinds of beauty and bath things. I was so touched that I cried! By far it was the nicest Christmas gift that I've ever received.
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Normally it was on the wall unless we had a fireplace. Dad was in the military so we moved a lot.
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We just placed ours under the tree
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Colin has a fireplace and mantle at his home, so I put our stockings on his mantle there with little stocking holders. / At my house, my mom and I hang our stockings with little holders on the entertainment center
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When I was little, we would each drape a stocking over a chair, and would find the filled stocking at the foot of the bed in the morning. We moved into a house with a fireplace when I was 12, so we naturally used the mantel.
Nowadays I hang them on our wall unit.
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We would hang them on a bookcase.
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Usually off the closet door knobs. At work I made us a fake fireplace on one of the cubicle walls!
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mine used to hang on the fireplace tools (firepoker, logturner etc.) this year we have gas fireplace so we don't have the tools anymore so I don't know where I will put them.
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I have them hanging on the wall just to the left of the tree.
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Growing up, we didn't have a fire place either, but we had a HUGE china cabinet. One it's drawers had 4 large knobs which we hung our stockings from. It was right beside where we always had our tree, so it worked.

Natalie_ca ~ That was a very kind thing and very nice story. Thank you for sharing.
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