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the Daily Thread MOnday Dec 4

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Morning all!

Chilly start to the week, and not much improvement from the way the forecast sounds. BRRR.

A holiday for the artists amongst us: I know Sar, Pami and Anakat fit the category!

Have a great week everyone!
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Good Morning Everyone! I had a really good weekend. Saturday was spent shopping and Sunday was a lazy day filled with lots of kitty cuddling! I got on the scae this morning and have lost 3 pounds since starting weight watchers! Its only been a week and I am seeing results! Only 22 more to go!
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Congratulations Brandi!

I woke up to snow! I'm still not ready for it, but I guess I have no choice because it is here!

I got a lot done over the past week and weekend. The house is decorated, the tree is up, most of the cards are done and mailed, and the packages that haven't been mailed yet are boxed, addressed, and ready to go!

Christmas shopping is another story Normally I am close to done by Thanksgiving, but not this year.

I get to battle this snow this morning with a trip to the allergist, and then maybe I can fit in a little Christmas shopping.

Have a great day everyone!
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I also woke up to snow. I'm going to make my wreaths today. And then if the drivings not to bad I'm going to do some more Xmas shopping this afternoon.
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Hey All,

Just got back from Singapore!!! I had a fun but exhausting weekend and tommorrow another visit to the docs...sigh...

Have a good day all!
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I woke up to sunshine! (And a white fuzzy face saying, "it's morning! feed me!") Hope to finish my SS presents today or tomorrow and mail out by the end of the week.

Oh, the temps are in the teens.
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I woke up to sunshine... where's OUR snow? If you ladies would like to send some this way, that would be just fine

It started raining at lunchtime and hasn't stopped but it's just not cold enough to produce anything except falling water!

It's got to be one of the worst years for snow in Europe for a long time. The ski resorts are getting nervous... Am I the only one who's waiting for snow?

Have a great week!
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Morning Peeps!!

I am at home today slacking off!! I took the day off again, and I still have Friday off as well...WOOT!!

Just about to get in the shower and sit around...woohooooo!!

I hope everyone has a great day at work while I am at home thinking of you
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Morning Peeps!!

I am at home today slacking off!! I took the day off again, and I still have Friday off as well...WOOT!!

Just about to get in the shower and sit around...woohooooo!!

I hope everyone has a great day at work while I am at home thinking of you
I can't say what I am thinking here.... you are VERY lucky.
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A cold day here in Wisconsin too. I took my walk outside-temp was 15F (-9C) with a windchill of 3F (-16C) I was a bit bundled up!!!
Did lots of shopping over the weekend. But it wasn't a good idea yesterday to shop in Green Bay during a home football game. I have never driven down the streets during a game.WOW!!! They intersection right by Lambeau are blocked off with semi trucks and trailers!!! Then I finished up after the game ended and got tied up in the traffic. Guess I won't do that again.
Working on more projects, cleaning, cruising the internet for gifts.
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When you wish upon a star...makes no difference who you are....

Started out with a cold morning here it Tucson, Arizona and it has steadily gone downhill from there. Now the wind is blowing around 35 to 40 mph, it is still cold but sunny.

My insurance finally talked to me after I called them. I got a letter from them saying they were trying to get in touch with me....yeah... the guy had Friday off. Must have been working too hard.

Now I find out that there is good possibility that they will total the car, the bank says that if they don't pay off all of what I owe, then I have to make payments on a car I will not have. I reminded them I had GAP insurance and they said they needed a police report for that to kick in. Because no one was injured Tucson PD refused to respond to my two 911 calls and refused to take a report later.

This is going to be fun, I can see it all now.
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Woke up to beautiful sunshine today, I so want snow!! don't get it usually until after christmas, I dream of a white christmas!

Also I have friend accidently shut the door of the boot of a people carrier smack on my head yesterday. It knocked me to the floor and as I clutched my head I was fearing blood,it didn't bleed but I have a huge bump, bruising to my forehead, bruising inside and out on the bridge of my nose, which is also swollen..I'm still disorientated and nauseus(sp) and feel like my head is in a vice..doesn't help when dear daughter keeps telling me she thinks its I look like a monster right now
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This morning I woke up to the sound of Colin passing gas and laughing his head off (oh the joys of men) to which i replied by throwing a pillow at him Then I woke up and feed the kittens their breakfast. After that, I made some Rice Krispy treats . Now i'm sitting on the couch working on a paper. Later today I plan on watching a Christmas movie or two, making my holiday wreath, and cooking some yummy dinner. I might wrap presents today too
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I woke up this morning to a phone ringing. It was 4 am. I grabbed it and just said, "it's 4 oclock in the morning, are you nuts!?" to which I hear my alustrious managers voice telling me that our shop just got broken into and can I go down because she is a half hour away? The kicker is, our security place called her to tell her someone tripped the alarm and wanted to know if they should call the police!? Are you nuts!? I think they should look into a new security place. Needless to say, they didnt' catch anyone and thankfully nothing was taken. I showed up and there were three police men walking around the building. I stopped a little bit away, got out, told them who I was and gave them the keys to get inside. It was fun, fun, fun.
On the plus side, noone was there that could be hurt, and they didn't get anything, but it really makes me think, since we normally don't leave money in the drawers, why did they decide to try and break in last night when she(the boss) decided to leave money in them for the first time? Was it one of our crew, someone they know? things like that were going through my mind.
Then, after I went back to bed, I get up and check my CC balance online, well there is supposed to be a refund on it and there wasn't so I had to call my CC company about that. Man, there are crooks everywhere! What's up with that!? It's supposed to be the holiday season, not the season for stealing.

Have a good day everyone. 'Tis the season..
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