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Need Help With Decision!

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Okay I'm at my whits end and I need help. Im already a proud mother of two gorgeous girls. A nearly two year old Siamese Ragdoll Female and a one year old Silver Spotted Bengal girl (whos the alpha) cat. And I've decided to add one more to my crew.

Im deciding between 3 kittens right now btwn two bengal breeders. All three are gorgeous cats and I will attach photos. They all have high energy and are loving cats. And price is relatively the same.

Im going now on should I get another female or get a male? Or should I go on looks?


This is the brown spotted girl

Marble Boy

Spotted Boy
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Go with whatever ones gives you that special feeling when you look at it's picture.
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I concur... they're all beauties but pick the one that gives you that special feeling or pick the one that appears to desire your attention the most and is the most attracted to you.
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make the kitten choose you
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I agree with Fran go visit the breeder and see which kitten comes to you.

Lucky you
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Originally Posted by Sims2fan View Post
I agree with Fran go visit the breeder and see which kitten comes to you.
Me three.
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I like the marble boy!
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If he would have me I would pick Marble
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well I just love the marble boy - but I think the others are right, when you go see who picks you !!

keep us posted
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I like the spotted boy bestest... but as other posters have said I'd go and see them all and see which interacts well with you.

You are very lucky
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I agree with the others, but sneek in another vote for the marble boy
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If it was me I would pick the marble boy. Hes gorgeous!
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Knowing me, I'd get all three!

Go with whichever one chooses you!
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Yea, are you SURE you only want just one?

Let the cat choose you though...they'll smell your other cats on you and if say the one cat you bring home doesn't like the smell of your cats then you know you'll have problems.
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They're all so beautiful. I agree with everyone else. I would visit them and see which kitten's personality meshes with yours the best.

Based on just looks though I like the spotted boy. Of course since your spotted girl probably already looks similar...maybe the brown spotted girl? She would add contrast to your crew.
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I love that breed! Though I think i'd have to have them all lol...that aside the girl has beautiful markings, the spotted boy just has 'that' face!

But as the others said, let the kitty choose you, though you are stuck if they all choose you Indie chose me, and now he goes to Alan and my daughter and uses me when none of them are about lol.
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Unfortunatly I do not have the luxury of visiting them prior since they are both a province over from me. Im making my decision on looks, the personality described by the breeder, and which breeder has been the most helpful to me.
So I have chosen to get the Marble and have everything arranged. Hes flying on his own to be with me so hope he will be okay.

And I think Im going to name him Tao.
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They're all beautiful! But you know, sometimes you just get that special feeling and the tears well up when you find THE cat! I know that has happened to me every time! My cats choose me and I know it's right when I start crying because I know this cat and I were meant to be family. Choose whichever one makes you feel that way!
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