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A little about me, and more importantly, my cats

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Hey Y'all! My name is Chris, and I found this place while searching the net about animal cruelty and how it can be stopped. Nice forums you have here. I'm 14, going on 15 years old and I hope to have some nice discussion with all the other cat-lovers here.

I have four beautiful cats, all of which were strays. Each of them have an interesting and sometimes sad story of how we got them -- but most of it ends with a happy ending.

We got our first cat in 1990. One day that fall, when I was only four, a young tabby cat wandered into my yard. She started to rub against me, and I guess you can say we got close really fast; I found myself feeding her some eggs in a matter of days. One day my mom was petting her, and she hissed at my mom for touching her back. We also noticed some fur missing on her stomach, and a badly crooked tail. It looks like someone had kicked her, and maybe shut her tail in a door. We suspect she was abused and abandoned, by the people who lived up the street from us. But we took her, and 10 years later, Kiwi (trust me, we gave her a LOT of names!) is the most affectionate cat in the world.

In 1994 we had new neighbors move in right next to us, and they had a tiny little kitten named Cleo. Unfortunately from the start, Cleo was forgotten by them. When it rained or snowed, he would end up on our porch, every time. And we fed him half the time. Eventually in 1996, we just decided to take him. He, though timid, happily lived with us for two years. Those cruel neighbors left, but even worse neighbors come soon. Our new neighbors had a cat named Tabby, who ironically was a calico. Cleo, being curious, crossed the road a lot. He unfortuantely was run over. But before he was killed, he made Tabby pregnant.

On August 18th, 1998, Tabby had 4 beautiful kittens. Two of which, had DISTINCT characteristics of Cleo. (Orange pattern, unbelieveably annoying cry...) But soon, Tabby was gone. Our neighbors were sick of her, so they simply sold her. What a rotten thing to do!!! But I did not mind that much; Tabby did not get along with my Kiwi.

1999 was a very memorable year. Tabby and 2 kittens were given away, only leaving 2 females left, Nala and Kiara. I grew very fond of them, very fast. Unfortunately, Nala was not taken care of, at all. They would throw her around, and make her do flips in the air. Heck, they didn't even bother to let her in at night. So we decided to take her, not knowing that our neighbors had arranged to give her to a farm. I found out she had been given away just hours before I was going to go over there, to take her. I cried my eyes out for a long, long time.

Meanwhile Kiara had kittens. I saw all five of them being born. Unfortunately the only female died; it had problems from the start. After the 4 remaining kittens were grown and walking, two kittens were given away, to the same place Nala was given to. Then, Kiara dissapeared on July 30th!! We were planning to take her, too.

But those two kittens were the best thing that ever happened to me. Every day in August, I would run to the fence, to hear one of them crying for me. It was the cutest thing on earth. But soon after it, I noticed a big difference between the two kittens: One was fat, healthy, and had a flea collar on. The other was small, dirty, and afraid of me. It was obvoius that he was not being taken care of. He was bone thin, and I was thinking about taking him. Then one day, I saw them do something horrible. He was on thier porch window, looking for affection, and someone pushed him outside, out of the window. That made me so mad, I just took him right there. His name is Odie, and he now is sleeping on the computer table!

In May of 2000, our neighbors, instead of thinking of themselves, thought about the cat for once: they gave us the other cat, Mick. It made sense, because every day, Mick would come here and sleep all day, anyway.

Then earlier this year, our other neighbors abandoned their beautiful cat, Mocha. She looks siamese, but has very long, beautiful hair. (I forgot what breed of cat that would be...) When we saw her, her fur was matted, she was dirty and very thin. We took her in right away, and brushed her, fed her, and gave her what she needed: love. She get's along with the 2 little guys, Odie and Mick. She doesn't get along with Kiwi, unfortunately.

But we have tried to give these cats the best lives we could. And I think we have done a good job.
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Chris, Good for you. It sounds like you are doing a good job with all your stray cats. Keep up the good work.
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Trust me, I have been trying to do a good job with the cats!

Our house is like the cat capital, of our neighborhood. EVERY cat comes to see us!! All cats, young and old, male or female, big or small, they all know us. We may not want to, but we end up feeding them all anyway.
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Welcome to the catsite. If theres anyone out there passionate about animal rescue, it is us. It is a shame there were so many unspayed and unneutered cats in the neighborhood. That is one of the first steps in preventing animal abuse. Reduce the # of unwanted animals. Hopefully you dont get anymore neighbors like that.
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Thanks, Sandie. I am really happy that I found this board, so I can talk with other cat-lovers and overall animal lovers from around the world.

The situation with my old neighbors was really a shame. They didn't know the first thing about owning or taking care of animals. We asked if they were going to spay the cats, and they responded, "What is spaying?". I was SHOCKED that they didn't know what spaying was. So after we told them, they thought about it. Unfortunately, they did not even have the money to spay 2 cats. I am serious -- they were THAT poor. And I think prices are pretty cheap around here. It was sad.

I hope I don't end up with anymore neighbors like that; I ended up with some pretty bad emotional scars from it. But our new neighbors have a dog, which they take VERY good care of.
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Dear Chris,

It's so wonderful that you're looking after these cats. I am sure your town has animal control and you can report animal abuse...this is something all of us must do...As far as spaying and nuetering; there may be a very good vet that does this and also provides low cost vaccines. I'm sure you can find out through your Humane Society or Animal Control.

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Chris; It is so refreshing to find a sensible young person who cares about animals. Welcome to the Cat Site. Young animal protectors such as yourself are our future and give us hope in the fact that what we believe in will be passed on. I look forward to hearing from you often. Darlene aka Theeleggedkat.
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Thanks for the responses.

Catarina -- I am not too sure if we have animal control here. We live in a fairly mid-sized town, but I never saw anything about animal control. Or maybe they never have to do anything here. I was about to report my old neighbors to the MSPCA -- Butafter a LOT of talking with them about animals and how you should take care of them, they stopped getting animals and getting rid of them. We still talk occasionally, and they have a dog now, I noticed. I see them playing with it a lot, and it seems they are doing a good job taking care of it.

Darlene -- It is refeshing to hear from other animal lovers around the world. Since I was a baby, my mom has taught me to always be kind to animals. I've been around animals my whole life, and I have learned to love them. BTW, I am hoping to become a veterinarian...
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Chris!!! Welcome!!! I am so glad you have found us here!!! I enjoyed reading all about your cats, and I hope you make yourself at home here, and post often!!
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Thanks, Debby. Like I said before, I am so happy that I found this board.

It's nice to know that you enjoyed reading about my cats. I have a lot more fond memories and great stories with them, which I will definitely share with y'all.
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