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I did it!

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Okay I am really proud of myself. I have always been a big advocate for soft paws. However I have never had a need for them because I don't have destructive scratchers.

Well, Armani one of my six month olds has been scratching at the carpet to get in my room at 2am in the morning. Then again around 5 am. We just got new carpet and I don't want him ripping it up so soon. ( I can't let the cats sleep with me. That is me and my dog time. lol..)

So I finally said I was going to fix Armani's wagon. I went out and bought softpaws! I put them on tonight about 2 hours ago. And he is just fine! I have seen him try to get them off but then gives up. I can't believe I put them on right the first try!

I am so proud of myself! Armani doesn't hold any grudges, he is sleeping in my lap right now.
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Good for you! I don't know if I'd be able to put them on right the first time. IN fact I'd probably have to have someone do it for me.
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When these are applied, doesn't the cat have a hard time walking or retracting his claws? I'm thinking about using these.
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