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Click here to see Casper

(scroll down the page a bit)

Congrats sweet boy!

Thanx Barbi! He looks really awesome!
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I can't seem to find Casper anywhere on that site. There is a scrolling box that says Stay Tuned For Casper (cat mix). I wonder what's up with that??!!??
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That's odd because I sure can see him!
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I went, and I saw him!!! He was an adorable kitten and has turned into a beautiful cat!!! Congratulations on getting cute pet of the week!!!!!! I was going to leave a reply in the forums, but I'm not registered there...so I will just leave it here.

Good job!!!
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Well done to Casper.

He really is a most handsome cat
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Phew, I'm glad you are able to see him, was getting worried
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I didn't have any problems finding Casper, hey Vader maybe you could try again. I noticed that this is the second time he has been featured. You must really be proud of him!
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Casper is gorgeous! Congrats on kitty of the kitty of the week award. Yay for you!!
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Great pic of Casper. He is a beauty. He looks like a short-haired version of my Faile. Black cats are so cool, their eyes seem so intense.
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What a pretty boy! and he was just adorable whenhe was young too!
Great job Casper!!!!!!!
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He really is a handsome boy (and Kitty is such a pretty girl)

I hope he is enjoying his moment of fame

The picture of Casper as a kitten is just like Jinxy looks, so if she turns out as beatiful as Casper I will be very luck indeed.
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Thanx everyone. I'm very proud indeed, Casper is our golden boy, our purrmachine and our little devil but we love him anyway, no matter what!
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Yes I can see him now! He is so adorable! Congratulations on gettin cute pet of the week Casper!!

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Casper is so beautiful. I love black cats!
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I agree with the other website - he is definitely a very Cute Cat! I love that pic of him as a baby. Black cats are just the cutest as kittens!

Congratulations to Casper for being Cute Kitty of the Week not just once, but TWICE!!
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