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So here is my NEW little GIRL... da da da daaaammmm!!!!

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Presenting little Ms. Tinkerbell (Tink for short, please)
I am my meowmys new little fuzzy butt.
How I got to my meowmys is a miracle. This guy thats works with my meowmy and my daddy brought me in out of the freezing rain (he almost ran over me cause I was a little curious as to what those big, loud metal things in the road were (now I know they are cars)
Anyways, this guy usually is not a sensitive person. He is usually the kind of guy who could care less that there is a little kitty in the road. But he picked me up. Put me in his jacket, and the brought me to my meowmys house (cause he knows my meowmy loves kittys.)
I stole my meowmys heart. Though King Garfield (yea I know, but he makes me call him that) has made it PURR-fectly clear that he had meowmys heart 1st. And Im ok with that. I dont mind sharing. Well as you can see from my favorite picture (the 1st one) that Garfield "accepts" me now.
Hope ya'll like me. I sure think I'm cute.

And me sportin' my new collar..... Did I mention how cute I think I am??

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Oh if you ain't cute I don't know what is!
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Oh Tink, you're very beautiful! And you have a very handsome big brother to watch over you too
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I Love the pic of Garfield and Tink's precious!!!
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Oh my goodness, she is a doll!!!!!!! What's her name???
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That is what happened to us and this is what we took in...

And this is what we ended up with.....

Hehehe...your little guy is a cutie.....he reminded me so much of Mephistopheles....and now Stoph is a few years old and the terror of the house. He is a sweet, snuggler one minute and I could kill him the next.....but I wouldn't trade him for anything in the whole world.

Congrats on your new addition!
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OMG! Tink & Garfield together is soooo cute!!

Congrats on being found by another kitty!
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Tink you are absolutely gorgeous
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So precious! What an adorable pair. Good luck with her!

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Oh my, what a wonderful photo they look so..oooo...happy
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I can only hope my Mischief will accept the soon-to-arrive baby siamese that well.
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Gorgeous photo of Tink and garfield together!

It seems that Tink has settled in wonderfully!
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He's a real cutie pie... and Pixelle says she really likes him to...
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