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Christmas Cats

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Yes, I know this was cruel and almost qualifies me to be reported to animal welfare...but it was cute

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awwwwwwwwwwww how cute
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Oh boy! Are they unhappy kitties?
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hehe, they're cute but certainly look unimpressed
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Poor kitty! ....... dialing 911 .........!!!
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great pics! the kitties look purrfect in their xmas uniforms. and so photogenic too !!!
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I can't imagine Radar standing still in an outfit for long, I think they look cute myself
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I love this picture!! I love the ankle bells!
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Oh my! That is SUPER cute!
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This is soo cute! We have the exact same thing for my doggy back home, and she doesnt like it a bit! We tried it on my parents cat Meeko to see what she'd do. We only managed to get the bracelets on her back to feet, and she dragged herself around like her back legs were paralyzed til we took them off!!
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Those are great!!!
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Your kitties are soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! I love the little outfits!
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They look kinda unhappy they do look cute I could bearly get devils horns on a few of my at halloween
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