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Hi, I have two rescued cats!

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I grew up with cats, but I was always more of a dog person. Until, one day at work this tiny little black kitten was outside begging. He was so sad, he ate the saltine crackers that I gave him.

I braved the wrath of a co-worker and brought him in my office. I called the animal shelter to come and get him....but he was so I ended up taking him to my vet with the thought of finding him a home....well, I am sure you know what happened. Now I have a 15 pound black monster...who opens doors and turns on water faucets. His name is Mephistopheles.

A year later I watched a cat get hit but a truck and trailer and then I hit her (couldn't avoid it). Well, I brought her to the vet and she looked like she was dying.....the funny thing is that once treated for shock the only thing wrong with her was a broken tooth. SHe earned the name Tatsu for the ordeal.

Soooo....we kept her tooo.....

We also have 11 rescued miniature pinschers, 5 sugar gliders and 2 hedgehogs.
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Hello and a warm welcome from Spain and my kitty-crew

Its great here, there lots to do and care, you´ll soon become officially addicted but it sounds like youre pretty busy with your fur-family too
Mephistopheles is such a clever boy, opening the door maybe when you get some time you can post some photos of little Tatsu...........she sounds a real cutie and how amazing that she only had a broken tooth after that accident !!
Oh and you´ll have to tell me more about "sugar gliders" I havent got a clue what they are

Well enjoy the forums !!
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Bless your rescue work. Your compassion for animals is commendable.
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Goood for you !!! This story is so inspirational
Now if we could just get about 100 million more people like you to save the animals all over the world...
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and your kitties (and the rest of the animals!) to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Aww...he's fantastic!
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
Oh and you´ll have to tell me more about "sugar gliders" I havent got a clue what they are

Well enjoy the forums !!

Sugar gliders are marsupials that function like the flying squirrels of North America....they have a gliding membrane that stretches from front leg to rear and they glide from tree to tree. They are found in Austrailia. They are about the size of a hamster.

They are very smart...they HATE my cats and they are nocturnal. This is their cage...

They are like squirrels. My vet rescued one and gave it to me.....and I rescued another one.....and they multiplied. I had to find a special vet to neuter sugar glider...hehehe....
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Hi and welcome to TCS! Thank you for rescuing those babies! My husband would LOVE your sugar gliders...he has always wanted a flying squirrel for some reason.
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Welcome welcome welcome!!
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Originally Posted by Keschete View Post
wow, they are so cute........I never guessed they´d be what they are thanks for the photos - you learn something new everyday
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Welcome to the board I watched your vid of your kitty, it was adorable
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Sounds like quite a houseful, and your sugar glider habitat is great!
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Welcome to the site! There are other member's here who have sugar gliders... I just can't remember who exactly off the top of my head
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Welcome All
To TheCatSite and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing! Mephistopheles, Tatsu, and everyone else (although we're not quite sure who a sugar glider is when he's at home LOL). I couldn't see the video,unfortunately, probably because I haven't got the latest edition of the player installed -- but the still looks VERY cute, and your description of Mephistopheles is one after my own heart! I have never met a cat I didn't love, or even seen, thought about, or heard of one, but I have to admit to a great weakness for the little black ones. And the BIG black ones, as well. Among "my" rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered "9" is the ebony prince, Calo -- and, back a few years, there was the king of my heart, my Sun, King Sunny-A-Cat, also a black silk-satin royal. There has also been a Talker in my heart (black Siamese and full of attitude plus), Katie (a/k/a Squirtle, for reasons I'll let you guess! ) , and Kikkos I and II (both black Siamese/Persian longhaired males, also with attitude plus). And then there was my dear late friend's beloved Siamese, Tatsu, whom I never met but whom I heard many fond tales of.

Look forward to chatting!
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Welcome to you and your wonderful fur family, I LOVED that video and that Beautiful black very smart Cat Looks like a Beauty. I myself have 8 inside cats 6 are rescues Hope you enjoy it here I'm sure you will, See you on the forums
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Hey, Halfpint!

You did, eh? (Know a chocolate turquoise cat, that is...sounds like a Tonk, maybe?) Your little black one looks SO MUCH like my beloved Sun when he was tiny -- THANKS for rescuing, adopting, and loving your little angels!
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Thank you all for the welcome....I just put new festive holiday colored claw caps on my two very MAD kitties....the claw caps are red and green for christmas....hehehehe...

I will take pics when I can....they are something else....
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