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Meow. Loud or soft?

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It seems every cat I have ever owned has a broken Meow..lol. It's quite pathetic to hear. If you can hear it. Sometimes it looks like he's trying to meow but nothing comes out..

So does your cat(s) have a loud meow or a soft dainty meow?
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During the day - soft meows - at night when I'm trying to sleep - very VERY loud meows
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Mooch is a talker and pretty loud, though not the loudest. Noodles, you hear air more than anything really!
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Lukas is Siamese -need I say more??
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Mister is a talker and he does it loudly, you can hear it outside with the windows closed
darling Scampi Marie squeaks like a mouse.
The others are in between.
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Sadie has a meow that could break glass.
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Bean is a complainer, he's always following me around meowing about something. Usually it's a soft meow, but he sure can turn up the volume if it's something that he really wants.
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Quill has a loud, trilling chirp more than a meow. He can throw it across the house if he wants to.
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I have 4 kitties and all their meows are different, Willie u cant hear his really! Midnight REALLY LOUD! Stormie she goes in between with her meows sometimes it is really loud and sometimes its low she is quit a talker. And Bella when she meows it can be very loud all though she doesnt meow much or as much as she use to!
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JC had a raspy meow. Scratch usually trills but when she meows at the kitten it's soft. The kitten has a high-pitched kitten meow.
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We had to go with some soft, some loud because just one makes me jump when he meows, every time. It's somewhat alarming, the intial sound very high-pitched and anxious. When I first adopted him, he had me jumping outta my shoes when he meowed, which was often, and his purr was just as loud sounding like a whole race track of cars. Finally, I realized he was just nervous settling into his new home. As he relaxed, all the sounds lessened. His meow is now seldom but still makes me jump.

Three of them you can barely hear when they meow.

Canyon with the loud meow

This bruiser, Big Louie with legs like a linebacker, stays separated because he fights. He meows like a little girl.
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Sash alternates between very loud and soft. When his meow is soft, I think he sounds like a duck. I just love, love, love to hear my boy meow.
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Boomer rarely meowed, but he seems to have found his voice and have quite a high pitched yet deep and loud meow.
Bumper blurbs rather than meows, and Scully just squeaks.
Magnum, it really depends what mood he is in and what he wants, it will vary from a low whine to a high pitched annoying meow
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Trout has both, some soft, some loud...the soft ones are very cute
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Jack is barely anything... he really doesn't talk much... he gets this mrw when he REALLY wants something, and he chirps when he gets excited/wacko.

JoJo, on the other hand, is very vocal. Her meows are everything from deafening to squeaks, when she's being all cute and feminine...
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I choose all four because all of my girls have different meows- there's no mistaking Jasmine's meows and her torti-tude.....lol...she's a rotten little siamese / Isabella is my little princess- she has very soft, sweet little meow as does Abilene. Velvet is somewhere in between- she get's REALLY loud if there's tuna anywhere around her and she wants it
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Harriet either has the best or worst meow ever.

She is never below 6 db and it sounds like she's been smoking for 30 years. Priceless. I love it, but I could see how it may be... uhh... annoying.
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Pretty much all mine have very loud meows. Except for Kitten who does soft and loud.
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Tailer has a loud meow. Harvey has a soft one. Forest has a VERY loud, high-pitched MEEWWWW! He still sounds like a kitten, but much, much louder.
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Very Loud that is how Howler got his name
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Well, let's see, Oliver, the kitten is a yapper and seems to have something to say about everything. Sophie is very quiet, even when she speaks. Mollie ia also quiet - I now have to watch her to see what she wants since she has taught herself to sit up and "beg" with her little front paws together. It is the funniest thing and I have no idea how, when, why she has learned to do this! This now seems to be her preferred form of communication with me!
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Tiger meows SOO loud you'd think someone was stepping on him!
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Pixel & Chip are both quite loud. Cable has a squeaky meow, not loud, but not soft. Java has a delicate, kitten-sounding mew. her voice is very soft & she doesn't use it very often, either. so i voted for the 1st 3 choices.
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Kitters is a quiet one normally though if it's riding in the car it's a very loud "no" meow!! Oh yeah, bath time too!! Now my neighbors cat is a very loud all the time meower!!
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I voted some soft, some loud.

Indie is very soft all the time, minx is loud all the time, whether it's just a 'hello mum' to a 'will you please get my dinner NOW' she likes to be heard!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
During the day - soft meows - at night when I'm trying to sleep - very VERY loud meows
...same feelings here!......his loyal majesty doesn´t Care our sleep........

....but we love him like he is!
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Leo has a nice healthy Meow, along with trilling and chattering.

Gracie has a squeaky, dainty mew. She also trills and chatters constantly.

Raphael...there is absolutely no mistaking his long, loud MMMMRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWs. He was known at the shelter for his voice. My neighbors at one point came over to check on me/him because they thought he had been abandoned and was starving. Add to this that he talks CONSTANTLY.
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I picked in between! The boys both have what I call "girlie" meows - very soft and gentle, unless they are talking to each other (then it sounds like a conversation) or complaining to me about something (when it's either very loud or normal, depending on what they want)!
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Miss Tigger is part Siamese, but she is not very vocal. She only mews when she wants to come in during a storm, but otherwise she doesn't vocalize much...
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My cats have a mixture of meow types. Palekana and Stumper are usually loud at all times. Palekana definitely shows her "tortitude" at these times. Kolohe can have a soft meow or a loud demanding one when he wants his food. Tiggy seldom meows and when he does it's a soft one. Torty also has a soft meow but she meows more than Tiggy does. Fluff has a little squeaky meow. Eric can have a soft meow or a loud one depending on his mood. He's also the only one who howls. He'll sit at the screen door and howl for no obvious reason. Strange boy.
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