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Happy Feet

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has anyone seen this yet? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0366548/

I went with my best friend to see it today and thought it was really cute! now I want a penguin. if you haven't seen it yet go see it. I think it would be considered as a great family movie.
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I've heard it's cute. I'm not much into movies so I havn't, but I've heard lots of people talking about it.
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I've been wanting to see that. It looks like a cute movie. I love penguins!
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Haven't seen it but my movie buddy (another old lady like me) loves movies like this. So it will be my choice when it's my turn to pick.
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I just went to see Happy Feet with my friend and we both thought it was a cute movie.
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It looks really cute, I haven't seen it though.
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I haven't seen it. I'm not much into movies where the actors are only voices. I much prefer to see real people in movies that I watch rather than computer generated images with voice overs.
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Kyle (Dh), Telaryn (ds), and I went to this on it's opening weekend. I enjoyed the movie as did my Dh, but Telaryn did NOT. Telaryn can sit through movies, like he sat through shrek 2, cars and Over the Hedge, but he couldn't sit still for the last half of the movie. It's humor is a bit older and Telaryn is only 3 (will be 4 in 1.5 months) plus it was really long and drawn out. A lot of pointless scenes.

I am a HUGE movie buff and this is definately not one of the best kid movies out there, although it is alright for older children and like I said, I definately enjoyed it but I'm not a little kid lol.
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I seriously thought it would bore me to tears but it didn't and I found it to be a little entertaining. I agree it may not be the best kids movie out there to kids, but I am sure kids would enjoy it anyways! I am 21 and I loved it.
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