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We had to take Spunky to the vet the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He was having trouble breathing. He wasn't drinking or eating. Didn't even meow for a few days. They took his temperature and it was 105. I asked the normal temp for a cat, she said between 101 and 102. He was dehydrated. So they kept him for a few hours to give him fluids and to take blood for some blood work. We picked him up later that evening and they gave us medication to give to him. They said to bring him back on Monday. Both me and my boyfriend had to work early Monday morning. So we had planned to bring him back on Wednesday. She said that he may use the litter box alot because of the fluids. He used it one time.
I had to work on Thanksgiving Day. When I got home from work he was on the phone with the emergency vet clinic. I walked in to here him say "I think he is dying". I leaned down to check him. He was just wheezing and gasping for air. I quickly changed clothes and out the door we went.
As soon as we got there they put him on oxygen right away. She took us back to one of the rooms. The vet came in and said she was going to be honest. We asked how he was she said "Spunky is trying to die" I started to cry and my boyfriend stood up and said "What the f_ _ _ we just had him to the vet yesterday and they said nothing like that indicated that". She said I don't know exactly what they did or tests they have done. We told her they didn't even do an xray to see why he was breathing so hard. We were so mad and sad. She took us out to see him. He was just lying there with the oxygen mask over his face. I said his name and he just laid there didn't move. They did some xrays. His stomache was full of air. You couldn't see his lungs. She said it could be one of three things. Either he got into some rat poison, had a virus or had a very bad case of pnemonia and he has a slim chance of living. She went out and came back in with an estimated bill. She said I know you said do what you can for him but even if he stays he probably won't make it until morning. She left us alone to talk it over. We had a decision to make. We decided to have him put to sleep. I didn't want to see him suffer anymore so I signed the paper giving permision to do so. I had a very hard time signing it. We went out to say our goodbye to him. The way he looked at me I will never forget it. It was as if he was saying help me make it stop. Then John said time to go. I walked away first and stopped I heard him say goodbye. We left. I didn't turn around to look at him one last time. Now I wish I would of. I just feel so sad
Now his brother has all the same symptoms and is getting worse. I don't
know if he will make through the night. It hurts so bad just to watch him knowing that he is probably dying. I don't know if I can take loosing him to.

I got home from work about an hour ago. First thing I did was check on Squeekers. Praying he was ok. I found him lying on the floor not breathing. He was gone I sat there and just cried........
There was yellow liquid all over the floor. I cleaned it up where he had his head. Wipped off his face and picked him up and held him and cried even more. I put him on the little rug I put in there for him to lay on. Sat there and pet him gently. I tried to close his eyes. I kept telling him to breathe and meow. I can't believe he is gone.
Thanks for listening.
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I'm so sorry for your deep loss.

Out of deep respect for your grief, I'll move this post to Crossing the Bridge.
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I am so sorry.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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My deepest condolences for you and your boyfriend. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. Spunky and Squeekers know you loved them very much, and they are with you in spirit. It is so hard to make the decision to let them go. They are no longer suffering, and are free spirits watching over you and your boyfriend.
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Thank You It Means Alot To Know You Care...
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I'm so sorry for you sad losses.

Rest in peace Spunky and Squeekers - play happily, together, at Rainbow Bridge.
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Oh goodness this is so sad, i'm so sorry

Play happilly over at the bridge Spunky and Squeekers, you were loved so much

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I am so sorry for your loss. It hurts so much when our babies leave us. I lost my little boy about 3 weeks ago to illness. I try to take comfort in the fact that he is no longer suffering and that he has so many playmates waiting for him at the rainbow bridge. My Sebastian will take care of your Spunky and Squeekers.
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Oh I am so sorry to read about your little ones.............nothing can be said to take the pain away that you must be feeling at the moment Time will pass and that will ease the sadness for you, but you have some wonderful memories of your special ones and that it time will make you smile again. You know we are all here for you to listen to your thoughts and memories, sometimes just to put things in writing can help, when you are ready.........there will always be someone here

RIP blessed little ones, you are safe now, run & play with your new fur-family over the bridge
the love from below will make you smile
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