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A the present time, I am living where pets are not allowed. Well, Cuddles is a grey shorthaired cat that lives in this place. She belongs to no-one and to everyone. Some of the people who live here care for her. (Feeding, litterbox and sleeping.) I don't don't do any of this, because my room is on the 2nd floor and Cuddles always stays on 1st. Cuddles does come to see me when I am on the computer, because that is on 1st floor.
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Awwwwww isn't that sweet that you can still get to see a kitty
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I'm so excited that you have a special snuggly friend, Nancy! Cuddles sounds so absolutely precious! It's no wonder that she comes straight to you when your downstairs on the computer. She's drawn to you knowing how deeply you love kitties. Please give Cuddles a special snuggle from me!
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Nancy, I'm so glad that you've found a sweet little friend there! She sounds like a real doll. And of course she knows to visit you - she can sense your love for kitties and all animals. They know these things.
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Aww sounds like she is rightfully named
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Nancy, I'm so glad you have a cuddly friend to give your love and scritches too!
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How great! nothing like having a kitty on your lap while you're on the puter, even though they kinda get in the way
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Well isn't that wonderful that you found a fur baby there to pet and love , These Kitties know who to come to for attention and pets, They know the animal Lovers. I love that name Cuddles
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Nancy, I'm soooooooo glad there's a furry friend for you, and as the others have said, it's no surprise that she would find you -- she just headed for the kitty-friendly vibes and there you were. Please give her scritches for me.
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Nancy, I'm so happy you've found a sweet, furry friend to share your love with and to give you some snuggling in return. Cuddles obviously knows what a sweet, special person you are!
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You know it takes a special cat to allow so many humans to love her. She sounds wonderful. I love her name, too. How nice it must be to see her coming when you are on the computer.
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Awwww, that so great that Cuddles is such a friendly cat to be around all those people! I'm sure your very happy to still get to be around a loving kitty!
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Hi Nancy!!!

It's so nice of all of you to take care of "Cuddles" like that! I wish there were more people out there that would take the time to care for all of the "no ones kitties" in the world. And I'm sure "Cuddles" is as appreciative of your affection, as you are for his!

Have a great holiday!!!
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Awww Cuddles what a sweet name, I bet she's a beauty...How nice that you all have a sweet kitty to love on! Give her a special little snuggle from me and my babies!!!It's so sweet that she knows you love her, I bet she loves you too
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Awww, that is so sweet. I love the name Cuddles. Sounds like she is living up to it. I agree with the others, she can sense you are an animal lover!
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Cuddles sounds very sweet
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That's awesome I know I love having a little furry one in my lap when I'm on the computer too. How nice to have a loving little kitty around. Give her lots of "cuddles" from me
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It's always encouraging to hear of facilities which have a pet or two for residents. I know that both you and Cuddles benefit!
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I'm so glad to hear that Cuddles is in your life. It must be such a bright spot of sunshine to see that furry face when you are on the first floor.
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Awww Nancy how lovely - Cuddles must just love all that attention . What a lovely computer companion - before you know it, you'll both be there, sharing the chair and surfing TCS together
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awwwww I love it!! how wonderful that you have Cuddles in your life
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Awww - Cuddles sounds like a reall sweetie! Thank God that you have such a lovely kitty person there to keep you all company!
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That is wonderful! Cats just make everyone smile I'm sure that Cuddles loves all the extra attention that you are giving her!
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