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Shedding and Diet

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I have two Siamese children I adore and love to death. They are my life. My friends call it a sick obsession. My GF doesnt share the same feelings. She looks for excuses to get rid of them. At first it was the mess they made. I bought a great piece of cat furniture to keep them from scratching at the bed and couches. They never climb on the tables or counter and dont sleep on the couch unless we are on it. They sleep on the condo or our bed. Then it was the litterbox so I got two littermaids so there is no smell. The cats have plenty of toys, thier own area to "play' and 'sleep" in. Now the complaint is the cat furr. Her and I are both have lint rollers in our car now because of the cat hair. I dont know what else to do. I have changed the diet. I have bought several brushes and groomed the cat daily. I live in South Florida so the climate is the same year round, and the temp in my house is a cool 75 at all times. I tried nutro max as my dog use to eat that. Now I am using science diet. I read that wet food is healthier than dry food.. I thought wet food gave them the runs? Can anyone advise on what is the best PET STORE(not groccery) food? And is there an advantage of wet food? I need this shedding to stop so she will quit complaining.
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A healthy cat sheds. There will always be some hair even if you brush the cat and give it a diet high in OMega 6 and 3 acids (California Natural is outstanding here; Gizmo got a glossy coat and it's as soft as velvet since I shifted her to Nature's Logic. But she still sheds.)

I would seriously reconsider your personal relationships if your girlfriend is trying to get rid of your pets. That is the only sick thing about your situation, IMHO.
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Science Diet isn't a real high quality food. There are several that are good, it's just a matter of finding one that your cat likes and does well on. California Natural is good as is the Nutro foods. There are others but those two are both good and reasonably priced. Wet food is better for urinary health because it is a natural way for them to get enough water but I don't know that it improves coats. Nothing will completely stop shedding and I suspect that if you were able to stop it there would just be something else that she didn't like about the cats. Some people just don't like cats.
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I think having wet food in the diet really helps with shedding. Also, Nutro makes an "indoor" version of dry food that is supposed to help. And no, wet food does not give kitties the runs. Try Nutro wet food -- my cat eats the kitten version and does very well on it. His fur is silky as can be (not to say he doesn't shed but it is very bad).
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Originally Posted by Denice View Post
... I suspect that if you were able to stop it there would just be something else that she didn't like about the cats....
Couldn't agree more. So first it was the scratching, and you solved it. Then it was the litterboxes, and you solved it. So now it's the fur. And if you solved that would that be an end to it, or would there be some other problem? And if you got rid of the cats, would there be something else about your life for her to find fault in?

I'm sorry if that comes across as harsh, and I apologise in advance if I have caused offence, but wanting your cats not to shed hair is asking the impossible - a good diet results in a healthy coat which means less random shedding, but all cats moult a bit all the time, and moreso due to seasonal changes.
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I'd suggest Nutro Complete Care products. They have kitten, cat, indoor, dry, wet, etc. formulas. It really helps a lot with shedding. And my cats have wet food every morning and it doesn't cause the runs.

I'm really sorry she feels that way about your cats. That has to be rough. It would be hard for me because I'm always douting over my cats with hugs, baby talk, etc. It would be weird if my husband was irritated or disagreeable about it. Our animals are an important part of both of ours lives. Our families for that matter. I wish that for you.
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I also have 2 Siamese cats, who are my babies. They are 16 months old now and I cant imagine what I did each day without them!

Anyways, I also had a shedding problem with them. I asked my vet at the 1 year check up. He suggested California Natural food (I was feeding them Iams kitten). There are 2 flavors: Herring/Sweet Potato and Chicken/Rice. I started with the Herring, and now my cats prefer the Chicken. No biggy.

My cats love this food, and their shedding is cut in half. Their coats are must softer and shinier and less static (its winter here in Michigan). I will never switch to anything else. I have been feeding them this since August, but saw a different after 1 month. I highly recommend it.

Good luck!
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California natural and Nutro and some Royal canins have the best fatty acid profiles... My girls will eat the cal natural wet but only the Nutro drys( they are unique)

I second the relook at the relationship
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Thanks for all of your tips. I will look for the Cali Natural. The nutro max didnt go to well with them. I will also try some wet food in with the mix. Thanks again and I will let you know the results. As far as our relationship. It is coming to an end. Sadly, but I think it will be best in the end.
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Good luck on the food change. I hope that works. Sorry to hear about the relationship. Endings can be difficult. You are young, so I'm sure that when the time is right, you will meet someone fabulous who is crazy about your Siamese babies.

(I used to hate it when people told me "you are young . . . ". Now I miss hearing it! )
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You will eventually find good food and good things for your cat.

You will also eventually find a good relationship. Her problem wasn't with the cats. Consider the cats as little angels who saved you from a bad experience.
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California Natural is a great food. Both of my cats feel much softer and I have definitely noticed a decrease in their shedding. Good luck!
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I hate to sound like this, but if this arrangement does end, you got the better end of the deal. The cats will love you for life, IMHO
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