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Hawaii..Stop on over and say Hi~

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My name is Patty. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. And am owned by 7 Persians, 2 Exotics and a Bengal and her 5 babies as well as 3 wanna be cats but this time we came as dogs!
I love to learn, so if you would be so kind as to drop by and give me a holler it would tickle me. Anything you would like to share would be great.
My kids are pretty well grown. Juliana is 19 and Andrew is 18. And I have raised them alone mostly.
I read alot, and garden and adore any animal. I work in the field of anger management and parenting. So comming home to unconditional love is awsome.
See you soon~

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Welcome !! You will come to love this place too Its about dinner time there, its almost midnight for me.
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Hi Patty! Boy, do you live somewhere I'd like to see in my lifetime! I hope you enjoy the site and visit often.
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Great to have you here!!

Lovely to have somebody here from Hawaii!

Lost soon - tell us some more about your kitties - post some piccies for us to see, we LOVE kittie piccies!!!
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Thank you all for stopping by, it means alot. Well lets see , the family consists of Moon a smoke Persian
Tinky a dilute calico
Impact a cream and white persian- from Aust
Priss a tortie persian- from Aust
Bubba, a little orange guy, persian
A little calico persian girl named Melissa
Jenny Be Good is a white persian

Madison is a black exotic
Shynaya is a totie exotic
Miso is a black and white exotic boy

Hocus Pocus is a bouncin momma Bengal with 9 babies
she too is from Aust.

Last but not least there are my wanna bees

Keiko- black lab mix
Peddy- blonde poodle /terrier mix
Tilly- a maltese/fox terrier mix
These are the folks who make life bearable!!!!

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And I was worried about my lot.

Welcome I am a newie too but I must say this is the best site ever and after my last forum experiance the best people ever too.
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Welcome to the cat site!! It sounds like you have a full house! Enjoy posting here and we want to see pictures of all your animals.
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Wow, a big house full of furry loves! The best kind of house to have. Welcome, and yes, we would love to see pics of all of your furries - even the dogs.
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What great cat names! I am sure you'll be able to be a great asset to the site.
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I know the original post was a long time ago, but I just now thought to do a search to find other members from Hawaii.

Aloha from my two Bengals, Rishi and Frankie (and me too)!
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