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Does your cat get along with your dog

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My girls are always loving on one another and heres the kicker Tavia is a cat and Lilly is a dog and I have heard people say that dogs and cats are natural enemies but any dog I have ever had besides dad's dog who we didn't get till she was grown has always gotten along with my cats. And with Tavia and Lilly its not uncommon to find them snuggled together I have a cousin who swears that they just tolerate one another but I truly think they love one another. When Tavia is in bed and Lilly gets up there Lilly has to stop to give Tavia kisses and they play together and sleep together. And I was wondering if your cats and dogs get along with one another or truly love each other?
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I have alway's had Basset Hounds and Zoie loves the kitties when the girls we real small she used to try and et them by her tummy like they were going to nurse Sometimes I know she feels like she's walking around in a land mine here beings that there's 8 to 1, but she wouldn't hurt them, they do swat at her once in awhile though, I wouldn't have a dog that couldn't get along with the cats
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I think it really depends on the breed of dog. Breeds that are prone to chasing smaller animals, usually don't do as well with cats. My chihuahua gets along great with my cats, but my german shepherds I really don't trust around the cats alone.
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Nunuk is at the mercy of the cats. The groom him, clean his ears etc. if he tries to move they smack him to lay down again. He's 115lbs and gets bossed around by them all.

When I fill his water bowl he stands in line behind Spalding, who always wants the first sip.
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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words:

this one is of fosters (mine and colin's dog) and of pirazzi, one of the foster kittens. all of the kittens LOVE fosters and sleep with him all the time and think he's their daddy- they do wonderfull around each other

I also have an 11 yr old wolf / german shepherd dog /elkhound mix named Ginger at my house with my four little girls- they all get along quite well and even nap in the same spots in the house- I would say that cats and dogs can get along just fine, depending on the individual cats and dogs attitudes. I definitely would not put a seasoned hunting dog (one that hunts smaller prey) with a small cat- that is just not a good idea. I have two large dogs....Fosters is a Collie/ Australian Shep. mix and Ginger's momma was full blooded wolf (her dad was a german shepherd dog/ norwegian elkhound mix) ....many people would think these dogs might be aggressive towards smaller animals such as cats and even a rabbit- but both dogs are excellent around them- it really just depends on the individual animals
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ONE of my cats likes dogs. Rowdy thinks that dogs are large, interactive cat toys and will wrestle and face-wash them. By the same token, both of my dogs regard cats as playmates. Whenever Ike and Pearl see a strange cat outside, they whimper, to try to get the cat to come play with them.

Opie and Buddy do NOT like dogs. As long as the dog does not try to play with or slobber on Opie, he will be in the same room with them. Right from the start, Opie let Ike know who is boss and Ike will wait for the cat to initiate contact.

Pearl hasn't quite caught on and she will immediately try to play with and slobber on any cat, within reach. Being hissed at and scratched does not seem to deter her.

I have a baby gate, closing off the back of the house, so that Opie and Buddy have someplace "safe", to get away from the dogs. Once Pearl is in her crate, for the night, the boys will go into the front room, as Ike won't budge off of the couch or love seat. This also keeps the dogs out of the litter boxes.

I don't think that breed has anything to do with it. Ike is a Dalmatian and Pearl is a pit mix. Both dogs were raised with cats and have been petted and spoiled. My only concern is that Pearl and Rowdy will wreck the house - they play rough and I DO have to supervise their playtime.
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Scratch does well with Butch (our 6 year old German Shepherd/Border Collie) but the new kitten is scared of him.
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I have to small black lab and a german shepard..I recently lost my other Black shepard to a terrible illness...in the meantime we adopted 2 kitties..there was an ajustment period..but now the balck lab and my tan kitty get along great They love each other
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Kota loves cats. She use to play with one when she was a pup. But Puff hasn't had a lot of contact with dogs previously. So he will hiss, and "puff up" at Kota when he's in tight spaces like the hallway with Kota. And he avoids Kota whenever possible.
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I got 4 cats and 2 dogs its kind of funny because Willie came here with cats and got along with them and the dogs (he was here before them) so since they grown up he cleans them all the time...also midnight learned that from willie so they all get along great midnight is always playing and picking on the dogs (I have 2 big labs) although Willie doesnt like playing with them but he will clean them and everything. Now my 2 kitties well Bella has no problem but if cocoa is in her space then her paw goes up at him, and the kitten stormie did like them at first and now she just runs from them(cocoa tries to play tooo much) So she is easing up to them again a little confrence here and there is the trick !
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Well, my Golden Retriever LOVES cats but the cats I've owned don't like her... Sneakers and also my previous cat Sylvia both tolerated the dogs. Meaning, they ignore them most of the time but won't hesistate to hiss or swat or even chase the dogs if the dogs get on their nerves! Because of this my terrier is scared of cats!
Hopefully our new kitten will learn to like my Golden because she'd love to have a friendly cat around... She has several friends who are cats (who belong to my friends.)

Here she is with one of my friends cats. We call him her boyfriend

(this is him as a kitten the first time they met, he's an adult now but still friends with my dog!)
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Nunuk is at the mercy of the cats. The groom him, clean his ears etc. if he tries to move they smack him to lay down again. He's 115lbs and gets bossed around by them all.

When I fill his water bowl he stands in line behind Spalding, who always wants the first sip.
What kind of a dog is he?

My dad's chiuhauha is awful with my cat she is a bully though she attacks the boxer all the time that is the chiuhauha that does that. But they have their moments both of them like it when the other two dogs are outside and then they cuddle and sleep.
The boxer is obsessed with Tavia and once in a while Tavia will get tired of her and wack her on the head. And Tavia will hide in the laundry room and jump out and scare the boxer.
And the other two dogs aren't allowed inside. If it was upto me my border collie mix would be she is great with everything except when she is eating and then she gives warning growls and dad's boxer lab mix is never allowed in she killed my outside tomcat when she first come here but dad wouldn't do anything about it.
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My nine cats get along fine with my three dogs. They were all raised with two of them and my newest addition Hanna is now accepted and loved by all my cats.

This is the my alpha female keeping the dogs warm

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Jello is quite popular with my 11 cats.
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I do not believe that dogs and cats are natural enemies. There are dogs that have a high prey drive and may never be trustworthy with small animals. There are some dogs that can live peacefully with cats INDOORS but outdoors may be a different story.

Both my dogs are face shy around the cats because they know what they are capable of, but one of my dogs will chase them if they run. He does not want to hurt them and is only having fun. Sometimes Taz (cat) will entice him to a game of chase, but as long as it is on his terms. The cats are always trying to rub against the dogs but this tends to make them nervous for some reason.

Everything depends on the personalities of the individual dog and cat.
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yep, both of my cats get along with all of my dogs! Tiger isn't too fond of my hound, Buster though.
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Tavia likes to get Macy chasing her and then she chases Macy back I think she knows that if they chase her they get in trouble because dad's dog Tiny gets over stimulated by it.
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
What kind of a dog is he?
He's a mutt, SPCA listed him as Alaskan Malamute mix. We think he has some Border Collie in him.
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Kitten thinks shes a dog. The dogs think they are cats. My animals are messed up. Nazumi also gets along with the dogs. But Lily hates them. Annie doesnt mind Jada but she slaps Buddy any time he looks her way.
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Originally Posted by fuzzmom View Post
I do not believe that dogs and cats are natural enemies. There are dogs that have a high prey drive and may never be trustworthy with small animals. There are some dogs that can live peacefully with cats INDOORS but outdoors may be a different story.
My Buddy cant be trusted around cat outside unless he knows them. He has to be properly introdused to the cats inside or he will chase them and nip at them. But if he sees them for the first time with a human holding it then he knows that one is good and he will love them forever.
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Lilly and Tavia sound SOOO sweet! My dogs and cats don't love each other well enough to give kisses, but they do tolerate each other well. Our mixed breed (Molly) LOOOOVES my dog Maili (an Irish Setter) and will always cuddle with her whenever she can. She hates all the other cats, however, and isn't all that fond of humans, either. I think that Maili tolerates Molly, and certainly doesn't mind her company, but I wouldn't say she loves her, or would miss her if she were gone. Arek and Pipsi tolerate the dog, but I don't forsee any cuddling happening any time soon, and Amad (? still debating that name!) the 2yo Maine Coon has never been around dogs until he came to live with us, so he's still in the "iffy" stage of it all. Thankfully, my crazy hyper dog has learned some obedience, because we make her "sit" and "stay" whenever Amad comes around, and already he's getting more used to her. I think, as someone else said, it really depends on the dog. In all the time we've done rescue, we only had one dog who was truly bad with cats and it was more curiosity than aggression.

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This is one of the cutest pics to show how much they like to cuddle.
And not sure if you can see Tavia and Tiny but they are curled up on dad's chair and that's Macy the boxer. And one final picture of the girls I guess the pics answered my questiong
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All my dogs have been great with cats.... Gigi isnt great with other dogs but is awsome with cats.... If trained most dogs and cats with co habitate well together... I have been very lucky to have dogs that loved cats
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LiLo and Napolean play all the time. Pause is more reserved with the dogs, but he'll sleep with them. They all get along really well. Napolean and LiLo grew up together so their pretty good playmates.
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My Stumpy absolutely adores dogs. We got him when we had 5 older dogs and when we lost the last of those 5 he went into a major depression until we adopted our current dogs a year later. Spanky is now picking up the same head-butting, snuggling moves as Stumpy.

The head butt:

The snuggle:

We've had site hounds (greyhounds), herding dogs (shepard and collie mixes), scent hounds and retrievers. The only problem we had with any of them and cats is that one of my greyhounds would chase after feral cats that ran from him. We curbed that behavior after he caught one of them (simply banned him from the pack for about 2 weeks). Regardless of how much genetic behavior a dog has, you can get them to respect cats if you have control over the dog.
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I had a staffordshire bull terrier who adored the cats and they her. The cats were 2 weeks old when we got them, inbetween bottle feeds they'd sleep against the dogs belly, and she'd even let them suckle on her belly, not that she had anything to give them! When they were sleeping she'd fuss over them like a mother hen, nudging them and cleaning them.

As they cats become older, they still laid by her belly, and groomed the dog alot, and when the dog died, the cats went very quiet, went off their food and didn't play...they have now gone back to how they were, but I believe they all genuinely loved one another rather than tolerate one another.
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My cats were mine (except for Captain Steuben...I only had Ripley and Fergus at the time), and were then united with my hubby's 3 dogs when we were married two years ago. They all have mixed feelings with the dogs. Ripley, my female tortoiseshell HATES them. Absolutely detests the dogs, and is a bit afraid of Puppy, the 4 year-old lab/rott/chow mix. She has gotten more tolerant of them, and will sleep near them now, and generally put up with them...but believe me, there is NO love from her there whatsoever. Fergus doesn't mind Melvin (the golden retriever), and kind of acts like he's the feline ruler of all canine affairs...he struts around them, sniffs their butts, chases them away from their food bowls, etc. He's pretty funny about the dogs. He basically looks down on them like they are the most stanky, unrefined creatures that are basically there for his amusement. Now our 9 month-old kitten, Captain Steuben, has been raised around dogs from the time he was 8 weeks old. What a different cat he is from Ripley and Fergus...he LOVES the dogs. He sleeps with them, plays "chase the dog tail", and used to "nurse" on Ginger, before she was put to sleep on Dec. 4th. I actually think he's a little confused on his species...he sometimes acts as if he is a dog trapped in a kitten body. LOL!!
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Rowdy and my dogs get along very well. Playtime has to be supervised, as Rowdy and Pearl will wreck my house.

The boys don't like dogs and head for my bedroom, when the dogs come in (I have a baby gate across the hallway door).

This evening, Rowdy brought Pearl a toy mousie to play with, while we were all on the couch.
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Our dog (a Boxer) gets along really well with our cats,aside from an occasional chase through the den (she's young yet ) - the neighbors' cats is another story (but keeps them out of our backyard, since most are toms ).

Here's our dog and 2 of our cats (the dog was in the chair first ) , I'm trying to get motivated to clean house- they're not helping !

Here's Meggie and her dog (she likes the dog the best- though we thought she was going to run away from home -literally- for the first few months ).

Though Meggie is still explaining the intricacies of cross species grooming (as in, "Get that big ol' foot off me, and flea my neck, not my feet! I SAID..." (video) :
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Oh that's a cute video! Kitty told doggy there!

My mom's dog Abby and cat Pumpkin have always loved on eachother. Pumpkin even puts Abby in a headlock and bathes her!
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