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Taking fetch to another level!

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McGilly and McBethie are such trippy kitties. For quite awhile now they were attracted to crumpled pieces of paper, and would scamper off after them when thrown and haul them back proudly to us dragging these things across the carpet. Normally, McGilly (the black and white one) will just drop the ball of paper at my feet and wait for me to pick it up and throw it.

Lately, I have a bit occupied at the computer, so at first she would just stand up on her rear legs and hang on to the edge of the computer chair with the crumbled paper in her mouth. So I would throw it for her, but then I was busy again. So she has decided to heck with what mom is doing at the computer, and now she leaps into my lap with the ball of paper firmly in her mouth, gives one indignant "Hey Pay Attention to Meeeeeeow!" And glare at me till I throw the darn thing! LOL Unlike my German Shepherd, she never seems to get tired of this game!
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Awwwww! I always loved playing fetch with Merlin when he was little, too! But now that he is 2, he doesn't seem to have much interest in it anymore.
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here's a cute kitty site...i love the fetch #1 and #2 http://zefrank.com/

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Hissy between the McBethis Virus and now the Fetch, I think you need to build a wire cage around your computer desk!:tounge2:
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Hissy - that's SO cute

Balie used to do that for hours when he was tiny. My house is a tall townhouse with four floors (including basement). I'd stand at the very top, throw a ball of crumpled paper (he liked the old, waxy fax paper best) right down the stairwell so it fell to the floor in the basement.

Balie would race down all those stairs (probably close on a 100) and all the way back up with the ball in his mouth, just to have me do it again and again.

That cat's so fit he could run marathons now!!!
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That is so cute! Well, it's cute to us, who don't have McGilly interrupting our work. Sounds like those two kittens have really taken over your household! :laughing2
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