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I've been following this thread, but don't have anything in the way of advice to offer. Pebbles is in my thoughts, though.
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Thanks - tea was a nightmare, she has just about managed the half pouch, and a few biscuits and it has only been cos I keep persuading her to eat, she wouldn't have had tea otherwise - even with her biscuits, as soon as I tried to put the bowl out of her bed, she put her head down to go back to sleep, no effort to try and get them unless I put them in front of her, and then it sometimes took more than one go to get her to touch it - and I can't leave food in her bed, cos she will end up covered in it!! Will have to wait and see what the vet says tomorrow I think.

Edited to add - just gone and sat with her again, and had a 'talk' with her, and she has eaten some more, but only when I have hand fed her, or taken things out of bowls and put on the bed, and she can't possibly eat enough to sustain her that way, with me working full time.
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A very mixed morning - she hadn't touched most of her supper (although I gave her some treats before bed), but she had used the tray. Then I put her food in front of her and she seemed perky and showed an interest - but it lasted for all of two mouthfuls, then, after sitting pondering, she turned round and laid down. I had my shower, and could hear her breathing over that, have got more food into her, but only cos I have been rather persistant, it still isn't even half the half pouch though. Rightly or wrongly, I am going to stick with her app this evening, rather than try and make it earlier, I haven't had a good feeling about this since the vets suspected diagnosis, but now it has been a week of this, I just need a few more hours to get my head sorted - luckily my bosses are out this morning, so might be able to do some frantic googling in case there was something I missed in the 10 articles I read last week.
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Poor Pebbles, poor you.
When I was at the cat show they were giving away samples of this
I don't know if it is any good or not but it would be better than nothing if she would drink it.
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to you both
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Anakat, I have tried that in the past, and haven't found anyone who has liked it yet!!
Thanks everyone - I have had to let her go. She was even more dehydrated, her tummy felt worse, her bladder was feeling odd, so the vet suspected that this has brought on cystitis on top of everything else (she did have it last year), her chest was wheezy and she was clearly miserable - she didn't bite the vet. We had a very long conversation as to what to do with her next, the vet did say that with all the tests she has had in the past 2 years with no indication, it could indicate tumours. I could have had her referred to a specialist, and done loads of x-rays, scans etc, but I didn't think that was fair on her. We could have tried steroids, but the vet couldn't guarantee that they would do anything or if they did, for how long, and I didn't want to put her through anymore unless there were guarantees - and not just for this, but that this would be the final thing. The vet said that in light of how hard to treat PEbbles was (I got to read the notes from the e-vet - barely diagnosable without a sedation, cos I wasn't there) that she felt this was the best option, she had been miserable for too long, and the struggle with her legs was cos she was weak. RIP little one.
Out of the 6 cats I had here at the beginning of the year, only 3 are still alive, and only one is still with me, the other two are in new homes now, and Pebbles was the 7th cat I have lost in 4 years. It is getting harder and harder with each one as well.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Pebbles is now pain-free and playing with all our other kitties over the bridge. You did your best for her so don't beat yourself up.

Hugs and healing vibes on their way for you.
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I am so sorry, It is so brave of you to take on these oldies and give them a chance to be loved.
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Thanks - as the vet says, she now has 4 legs again, and is biting everyone in sight!! I wont ever beat myself up over this one, I have known for days this is what I would have to do, but I gave her the chance, and that is the best I can do.
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Thanks Anakat - it can be very hard taking on the oldies, and the receptionist asked me why I keep doing it - watching Molly have a mad 5 minutes chasing her pesky tail and rolling round on the bed, when she might not have still been alive, reminds me of why I do it, and why the heartache is worth it - it is to give them a wonderful home, and to have love and affection at the time they need it most. I am away this weekend, and I think I need that couple of days to recharge and come back ready to fight another battle, there are always needy cats needing a home.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Out of the 6 cats I had here at the beginning of the year, only 3 are still alive, and only one is still with me, the other two are in new homes now, and Pebbles was the 7th cat I have lost in 4 years. It is getting harder and harder with each one as well.
what a hard, hard year for you! you're right - she's happy & healthy now, running on all 4 legs... but that doesn't help you miss her less. to you during this painful time...
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You are both amazingly strong girls and I feel honoured to have met Pebbles (and to not have been bitten! )

I know that your sweet girl is playing happily over the Bridge holding you as close to her heart as you are her Ginger will be by her side and they will be looking down smiling that they had such a wonderful Mum and opportunity of love, life and happiness

RIP Sweet angel, Pebbles
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Thanks Laureen, it really has been, and all three deaths have been since the end of September, just to make it that bit worse. But, we will get through it.
Thanks Sar - I dont think Ginger will be by her side, PEbbles wasn't very nice to him at times. He will be with SNowy, the only one of my cats that he has got on with, and they will prob both be avoiding her!!
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