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Another vet visit for Pebbles

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Not happy with my little girl at the moment - she has taken to sleeping in the bathroom, and I initially thought it was cos of the rad, until I watched her try and get on the bed last night and fail - she doesn't try again, she just walks off. So, I put her on the bed, and have adjusted the quilt to help her. Just given her a good groom, and her shoulders are looking really prominent, and her hips and spine slightly so so I want to get her weighed. Have also just noticed that she has had hardly any fur growth from her trip to the emergency vets, which is nearly a month ago - and she is fighting me to check as well, not sure why, could just be her being her usual temperamental self, or could be uncomfortable. I really really hoped that she didn't have to have any more vet visits this year, but obviously not!!
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Awww....poor Pebbles! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that she is just being her usual crabby self!
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Hope Pebbles is feeling better soon, Molly is looking great.
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Even more worried about her this morning, she seems reluctant to come upstairs, and she only ate her supper and brekkie cos I took them to her. Can't wait for the vets to open now to find out when i can get her there.
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Oh Dear, poor Pebbles, poor you, hope it's not too serious
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heres sending tons of positive {{{{{vibes }}}}} for your vets visit, and some for Pebbles from my kits - you´ll feel lots better once you have some answers.........keep us posted !
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Oh poor Pebbles and you!

Many, many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ on the way
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WEll, she doesn't have a temp, but is slightly dehydrated and was waay to quiet at the vets!! She has only lost a small amount of weight whcih is good. Vets have given antibiotics and anti-inflamms, but with something on her poo sample (teh one I cancelled!!), she is now wondering if she has chronic pancreatitis - she is convinced there is something underlying with her, but she has been tested for so many things that there isn't a lot left!! Apparently, there isn't a conclusive test in the UK for it, she is going to check her notes from the last cat conference on it tonight just to check if there is something she has forgotten, but doesn't seem to think there is much treatment for it. She has eaten well since getting home, but she is really struggling on her remaining back leg, whcih is a worry. Vet couldn't feel anything wrong with it though, will monitor that and see if I think she needs to go back about that.
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Oh Pebbles! Get well soon baby cakes!
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Thanks - not had too good a morning with her, she seemed interested in food until I put it out, then she walked away from it!! Put her in the same room as it, and she just sat on her bed!! So, I have shut her in teh bathroom for the day so I can see just what she has eaten - she has a plate of a/d (which she wolfed last night, but wouldn't touch this morning) a bowl of dry (which she has touched, I dont want her back on purely dry, esp not as she is slightly dehydrated, but need to keep her eating at the mo), water and a tray. Her leg seems slightly better which is a bonus, but her breathing is still sounding bad.
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Oh dear! I hope your vet can find something that she may have missed!

Come on Pebbles, you're a fighter and you won't let this get you down, sweetie!

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Not a good day today, she has barely touched anything, so I will have to ring the vet tomorrow (didnt get back from the docs in time to ring tonight). She is on my bed now but still no interest in food, she will eat one biscuit then lose interest, although she will eat more if I tip it out or offer it to her. I am feeling a bit dejected about it really, and am wondering if it is just feeling poorly that is making her not want to eat, and whether the meds will help (got her tablet down her with little probs), or whether she has had this for a while, and has had enough.
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I do hope that she's just feeling off colour which is making food unappetising!

Did she like the Indoor biscuits that we bought? Maybe you could try to see if they tickle her taste buds? Would she eat some grilled/boiled chicken?

Poor thing! I hope she's back to herself soon!
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Hope you are both feeling better soon.
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I hope Pebbles is feeling better! It's so tought when they can't tell you what's wrong.
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Poor Pebbles! I hope you feel better soon.
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I am praying for Pebbles, too.

When Humble would not eat, I got Beech-Nut Stage 1, turkey and turkey broth, and fed him with my finger.
Would Pebbles eat that way?
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Cheers everyone - I stopped the indoor biscuits Sarah, as she was ill around that time, so went back to her usual food. She has drank since I got home, and I went to Asda purely for some Gourmet Pearl food for her - the stuff that she always eats when seh is feeling ill, and she has eaten some of it, whcih is excellent, and come downstairs and seemed a bit better in herself. The vet said that if she still isn't better by tomorrow to drop her off for the day, but she doesn't want to do bloods just yet.
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Oh yes, I remember she was off colour around that time, now!

That's great that she's eating and drinking better though - at least you know she has something lining her little tummy!

How is she doing this morning?
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She went back to the vets tonight, and it was I did, and it was a bit of a mixed visit really. Vet thinks she is looking better, but still miserable, and her tummy is still sore, but bloods and x-ray done a month ago showed nothing, but she did say that certian things like tumours wouldn't necessarily show up on an x-ray. She has given her a jab, and given me some stronger meds tomorrow, but wont commit to a prognosis either way, she has just said we will have to see how she is after these meds - which is exactly the same as Snowy. The main problem with Pebbles is that she is such a difficult cat, a lot of the things that they can do to try and help her feel better would require sedations (Which I wouldn't be happy with, she has had waay too many this year), and put stress on her, which is something that needs avoiding with pancreatitis, so we have limited options as to how to treat her. She has eaten more today, but I am not getting too optimistic about it, esp not seeing as some of what she has eaten was after a jab at the vets, and the fact that she isn't getting most of the antibiotics, she is fighting more now and that results in her foaming at the mouth - again, so similar to Snowy.
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I just now caught the thread. I'm so sorry Pebbles isn't feeling well. Sending out prayers and mega {{{{{get well soon vibes}}}}}. Feel better sweetheart.
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I am sorry you and Pebbles are having such a rough time
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Thanks a lot. She has just bitten me 3 times for trying to pick her up, not sure if that is a good sign or not!!
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She did settle on the bed for a while, but only cos I put her on there, before going into the bathroom at some point, and she hasn't moved out of there yet. She has eaten a very small amount, but only with coaxing and me putting it in her bed - can't leave food there though, as seh has a habit of not noticing the food bowl is there and lies in it. I did get the painkillers in her though, and the anti-inflams are in her food, so hopefully she has eaten the bits that have it in. Even if she is acting loads better by tonight, I dont want to get my hopes up too much, as we only have one days' worth of strong painkillers, so I really dont know what will happen when she finishes her meds, her antibiotics are due to finish on Sat, but she hasn't had lots of them anyway, cos she has struggled with the last two days (I foolishly told the vet last night I would be fine for last nights tablet!!)
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Oh Pebbles, come on sweetie!! You need to get better and start eating properly!

Tonnes of Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way

I meant to ask you on the phone if capsules would help get the pills into her - they are chicken flavour (I have got them as Molly's Ami. is bitter and will make her foam) If you want some I'll package a few up and hopefully get them to you in time!

Maybe you could make Pebbles a broth so that she will have a little more to drink and it makes her food smell good too! Oh, and the catnip trick!

You know where I am if you need me!
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I am praying for sweet Pebbles.
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just checking in...........more healthy vibes whizzing your way
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WEll, she is still barely moving, and has only eaten cos i have coaxed her - i had a scare when she moved away from the Gourmet Pearl twice, she never ever refuses it. Fortunately, I then put a piece near her mouth, so she tucked in, but still not eating normally, it is a bit then a break, and if I didn't put it so close to her and stroke her she wouldn't touch it. I dont want to persevere with coaxing her and getting meds into her if the outcome isn't going to be good anyway, but will have to wait till Mon for that, and I need to ask the vet waht the chances are that this is something more serious. She has come downstairs, but struggled getting back up them, so she is weak. She is also very wide eyed, hopefully from the meds, and she is purring very loudly and a bit too much for my liking. She is still enjoying a fuss, but only when you go to her, she wouldn't even acknowledge me when I was away from her talking to her at lunch.
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Just looking in to see how Pebbles is doing
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Morning update:Breakfast was a bit of a struggle again, and she hadn't eaten much of her dry food overnight. She was more perky after the anti-inflams though, and just popped in to see her, and she is enjoying fusses more, but wont leave the bathroom to come and get more. Still not convinced that I am doing the right thing by trying to get her through this though, this started days short of a month after coming back from the emergency vets, and I dont want her to keep on having to go through this, esp not as she could be worse if this happens again.

Now update:She is now biting when you touch her belly or her back leg, and not just a warning nip either. She has had her meds for today as well. I have just groomed her cos her fur wasn't separating and looking dull, it still doens't feel silky like normal though, and I am now wondering if there is something wrong with her teeth as she keeps eating odd, like she is shaking her head - with bits of food flying. When she does it with her biscuits though, she ends up dropping half biscuits and not bothering to find the other half.
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