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It's here! The biggest thing for cat lovers on the internet since

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I am proud to present before you our brand mew web project -

It's a web directory for all things feline! We're launching for early listing tomorrow and official launch to the general public will be only in a few weeks. But, I thought I'd ask you wondeful people to have a look and tell us what you think.

By the way, "we" is our very own Mary Anne known around this boards as Hissy and myself. Thanks Mary Anne for joining me in this venture!

Your comments are welcome!!!

If you happen to be a cat related business or website owner - please add your listing! Just remember that if you're listing a website (which is not a business), you need to add a link back to us please!!! see this page for more info:

Thank you so much!
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Anne, Meowhoo is going to be sooooo AWESOME!!!!!! And Hissy is the best person to be working with you on this. I already have the new site bookmarked and I'm really looking forward to being able to make use of it!!
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That's really great. I'd like to see a couple of "Costumes & Clothing", though Socks is probably quite greatful that there isn't any...
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I had so much fun doing the research on this and getting to know Anne! Take a look! We actually have clients signing up! YES!!!!! I used to get so frustrated while looking for supplies because I had to chase all over the Internet to find them. This is a one stop shopping center for cat enthusiasts! I can't wait to open our doors to the public!
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Looks like it is going to be a hit! I can't wait until it goes online!
I've bookmarked it! Great job ladies! and with a baby and so many kitties to care for on top of it all! You both are super human!:tounge2:
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Like I said in the mod's two have done a super job here!! This is going to be a very popular website once the word gets out! One stop shopping for all your cat needs!!! It is a GREAT idea, guys!!! It looks fantastic!!!!
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This needs to back up to the TOP..............
so here we go............
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What a great idea! The site looks great. I've also bookmarked it, can't wait to see the end result. Congratulations on a job well done.
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Anne and Hissy - what a great site! Well done ladies!

Who designed the graphics for the site, i.e., how it looks the meowhoo logo (which is brilliant) etc?

Love it - the world needs a central resource for cats and their owners.

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Deb M.:

I agree. This needs to stay up top. Time to break out a little scotch tape.
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Anne designed the graphics and layout and just asked for my input along the way. She designed the whole website as you see it and did such a phenomenal job of it! She is the one who will be doing the behind the scenes technical stuff (which is good because if I did it we would all be in trouble!) She has asked me to be her marketing director, not only for, but also for the Catsite. So I handle the advertising end of it, customer relations, that sort of thing. Right now, I am so busy answering emails, I haven't been able to send anymore emails to the merchants out today! I hope will be a hit. It is something that has been sorely needed for a very long time.
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I already said it in the mod lounge, but I'll say it again...YAY for Anne and Hissy! Job well done, its going to be a hit!!
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Thanks everyone!

Anyone with a cat related website - even a purrsonal one - please come and list your site!

You need to add a link back to - it's real easy - all you need to do is choose the link format, copy a short bit of code and voila!
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Very snazzy!
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You go girls! (OK, ladies not girls, but either way, well done.)

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Yay, just wondering any "free" sites?? LOL!!
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I'm in the midst of redoing Spike's page, so as soon as I'm finished with it, I'll be thrilled to list it on Meowhoo. (The current one is a bit basic and outdated. )
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as soon as a redo I'll list it again I think I already have two listing for my jewerly but i'm going to start doing cat collars
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AWESOME I too have bookmarked the site. Can't wait until it goes live. Great job
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Is this site still active? Do they still have the kitty photo contest running? I was looking at the winners page and it hadn't been updated since Feb. 2005 so I wasn't sure.
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It's still active and because of the large amount of submissions it may take up to 2 years for your photo to be placed in the competition. You can read more here.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, Kitty Bytes, you will also get additional information on a monthly basis.
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I found a few days ago through a google search when looking for kitty exercise equipment. I bookmarked the site immediately. Thanks for making such a wonderfully resourceful place.

Those are some great links. Now I just have to save up $3000 for the Cat exerciser in the link.
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I'm addicted to the games now!! Darn you!
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Great Job!! I love it.
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I found this sites a few weeks ago on a google search for cat sites. And have it bookmarked. Its a fab site Well done ladies.
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