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Hi guys!
Sorry i havent replied sooner, i couldnt get on at work and my computer has some sort of virus so it wont start properly, it will just keep on restarting unless i put it into weird mode.

I thought i had cleared it on Tuesday, he said there was a number missing in my bank account details which is bull**** because i know i wrote it in properly! So tonight i go to the bank and woopededoo he still hasnt put any money into my bank account, first thing i call him and his cellphone is off.

Called my other collegue, she has a bad feeling about it, and told me that if he doesnt turn on his phone or reply by monday morning i am to go to the police and the "finanzamt" charge him for not giving me a contract, charge him well over 400 euros and sue him that i had to live off cornflakes and 30 cents bread the week and not being able to buy clean cat litter for my cats.

Thank you so much Tricia for sending me that box. The cats love it.
I managed to pay my rent with the scrape of money i had from my parents,
I am upset because i didnt think anyone would treat me so badly, but i learnt once again something new.

Atleast the cats are happy i put up the christmas tree with minimum ornaments, and guess what? all ornaments are on the floor and the tree looks weird!

I hope my SS will understand why its parcel is arriving late, hopefully it will be sent out sometime next week so it gets there before xmas. I am really sorry. I had money reserved for the postage, but i had to obviously buy food with it. Lets hope January onwards will be something better.

Incase you dont see me online in the next few days, its because my computer died. a) i barely know how to fix it and b) i probably need to buy a new one and thats going to take years before i can afford it!
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I'd seek legal advice- this guy sounds like a crook
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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
I'd seek legal advice- this guy sounds like a crook
I agree. You probably can get free advice at a local citizen's advice bureau (may be called something different in Germany).
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Wow, Fran, it does sound as if he's a crook! Sorry to hear about your computer trouble - just what you needed on top of your money worries!
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