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Molly - a year on

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Molly has been here a year today, I am so incredibly pleased that we have made this milestone. I wanted to foster Molly ever since I started fostering for Cat77, but initially she couldn't catch her, and then other fosters prevented me. I was doing a fundraiser last December, so had rang to discuss times etc, and she said that she didn't think Molly had long left as she was barely eating and doing nothing but sleeping. I sat on this overnight, as I had lost 2 cats that year, and wondered if I was ready to do it again, but decided that giving her a home environment for what time she had left was more important than me getting upset, so I asked to take her on. The rescue initially refused, cos they didnt feel that she should be disturbed. I went back after the fundraiser to take pics for the rehoming page, and she jumped on my knee and went to sleep, we couldn't move her!! So the rescue then agreed to let me take her!!! After 2 days of her barely eating, I gave her some a/d, and she hasn't stopped eating me out of house and home since!! Her dodgy back legs stopped after a couple of weeks, and when I had her bloodtested in January, she was perfectly healthy!! When I made the decision to keep her, the rescue were pleased, as she isnt the kind of cat that can tolerate a lot of new environments, she is very happy here, and has her freedom again, even if she does barely go out!! A year on, she is still looking really well, she has defo put weight on, can't wait till next month when I find out how much, and how well her organs are doing. Here are some pics

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She's beautiful She looks lovely and glossy, just like a healthy black cat should. Sounds as if you got her into the right environment for her to thrive just in the nick of time
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Thanks, she is a beautiful cat, and is looking really good at the mo - the first two pics were when she came, the last two are within the last week or so. I think I did take her on just at the right time, I think she was depressed in a rescue environment, and now she gets to sleep with her mum every night, and she loves coming under the covers, and complains in the summer when there is no quilt!!
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Molly is gorgeous! She certainly looks a lot happier and healthier now!

I'm sure Molly knew she was in for a good life when she decided to come home with you - staking her claim by sitting in your lap!
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Molly you are a beautiful girl. Happy Anniversary!
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I'll move the gorgeous Molly into fur pages
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Wow this literally brought a tear to my eye. Lucky Molly and Lucky You !!! Good luck, she is a real beauty
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You've done a great job with her. She is beautiful.
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Thanks everyone - Molly certainly knew what she was doing when she decided to make the rescue let her come to me, she has been as good for me as I have for her, she is a wonderful cat, and I love her to bits.
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happy "gotcha day" molly!
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Awwwwwwww look at that pretty girl. You have done an amazing thing for Molly.
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