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All My Children

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Christmas is a time to remember, and I would like to share the memories i have of all my children.

My first cat was Sweetpea, she ran away from her caretaker and I cared for her, lots of money at the vet to set her straight. She was a white shorthair with a bottom chin that jutted out. She took care of the second cat I was to care for. Lambchop. He was 5 weeks old when I got him, deaf as a stone. Sweetpea, not his mom let him nurse on her for comfort. They were very close. Sweetpeas died of congestive heart failure, and I could not go home with something for my Lambie. I asked the vet to bring them all in and I didn't like any of them. Until I heard the plaintive wail behind me to my left. A big tom cat was picking on the homeliest kitten I ever saw. I picked him up and looked at him and he cried out to me for help. I loved him instantly. He had a profile like Danny Thomas, the biggest ears I ever saw and Lambie loved him right off the bat. Lambchop and Squirt were my companions for over 10 years. Squirt died of kidney problems a little over three years ago and my Lamby had a stroke. Then two of the strangest cats came into my life.
Sweetie Pie and Bandit. They appeared in my house. I threw them out, they were not my children, not twenty minutes later they are in my living room again. I took these demon children to the vet but alas he was busy and I took them home. I slammed the kitty carrier into the cabinet, not hard but enough, and said if you want to stay I am the momma. They jumped out and disappeared behind the stove. There was a hole that they had been using to come and go. And so Sweetie Pie and Bandit came to be my kids too. Then I got my Lucky, best cat in the world.

There were all different, all wonderful and all are a special part of my life.

Sweet Pea could imitate squirrels so draw them into her lair.
Lambchop would jump over ten feet straight up from a sitting position.
Squirt loved my shoes and was just happy to be adopted.
Sweetie Pie caught a rabbit twice her size and left it as a present for me.
Bandit just tickled me because he looked like the dog from Jony Quest.
Lucky was so in tune to me that he became a ADA certified service animal and cared for me.

Monkey is 7 weeks old. That pretty much sums him up. he is a busy bee. He is a sweet kitten. We are learning each other. He knows his name, who his momma is, and where to sleep. Where to poop is another issue.......where can you get diapers for kittens...ha ha ha.

Thanks for listening, it felt good to remember all the lives that I have cared for through the years.
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what wonderful memories to have.......and thanks very for sharing them, it certainly put a smile on my face
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Its obvious you treasured them all. I think its amazing that lucky was able to look after you. They touched your life just as you touched theirs.
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What beautiful memories... (roses in December)
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That was a beautiful tribute I had recently read a Yahoo!news article about cats being service animals without training, unlike dogs. Some cats are simply in tune with those in need, other cats learned from watching the in-home dog getting trained to become a service animal. Sounds like Lucky was one of those special cats. Heaven is certainly blessed with our special kitties kitty2:
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Very beautiful tribute, Janis.
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