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My cat has his own website!!!

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here it is: www.imo.cs.net
I'd love to haer your feedback.
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Megan, I just love the pictures of your cat! Very pretty kitty, They remind me of my own kitties, always stretched out, so relaxed, just being happy, hanging out. Great web site!
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Good work! I enjoyed my visit to your cat's site!
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What an adorable cat! I have a cat that looks alot like it!
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Very cute pics. Looks alot like my Jedi. I am working on my own website which will include pics of the "Prince" of course! Will post URL when ready. Thanks for sharing.
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I love the 6th pic on the first page. Your kitty must be very loved to be so relaxed, even when having their picture taken!
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Very nicely done!
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That's a great site. Lovely pics too.

I reckon that last one - the centrefold pic, is a hot contender for the caption competition - and I bet it will bring forth a few saucy captions!!!

Nice one!
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Great pics of a beautiful kitty. He looks like he has a lot of personality.
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Wah! The site wouldn't load for me! Is it down?
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Imo is a beautiful kitty, and it looks like she knows it too! :laughing2 I have a little model kitty, too. I have a hard time getting candid shots of Ophelia because she likes posing for camera.

Many of those pics would be great for the Caption This! forums. You should email some of them to Anne.
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Thanks everyone for having a look at my precious baby's website!
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Meghan, I just loved the slide show! My favorite is the one with Imo sleeping with one paw draped over one ear. Too precious! Good Job!
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