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Cat Stroke?

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Hi all,

I have a question, any ideas would be sincerely appreciated! I have three cats, one cat iis 23 years old, and two others who are sisters, both 12 years old. All of them were fine until last week. Last week I woke up and noticed my cat was having problems, her rear legs didn't seem to be working properly. She couldn't get down from the couch and when she did she practically fell over. No appetite, and hid in the closet which is unusual for her. Her rear legs were completely splayed when she tried to walk. It was painful to watch. Of course, bad things only happen on weekends and the vet was closed. I hoped she would get better, but by Monday she was worse. She literally could only walk a few steps before she had to lay down, I assume becuase of her lack of balance.

So I took her to the vet on Monday. Vet put her on the floor and she was hugging the wall and listing to the right. She could barely walk. He suggested possibly a brain tumor, but ruled out heart problems as her heart sounded strong. Said she was dehydrated so he gave her nutrition and fluids intraveniously. Took blood. Sent me home with her and said I should call the next day. So the next morning she sharts eating again. Ravenously. And miraculously her legs get about 50% better. Then the next day about 40% better. Now she is perfect again, it's like it never happened. Eats like a horse. Runs, plays and purrs. Vet can't believe it when I told him on the telephone, he said her blood was fine.

Could she have had a stroke? Should I take her back to the vet for anti-seizure medicine? Any other ideas? This is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I really thought she was dying, I felt terrible
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I posted this twice. I'm an idiot. Sorry
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How amazing that you have a 23 year old cat!

It sounds as if she might have had a 'clot' blocking her artery leading to the rear legs, but then perhaps it dislodged? Is there any way of getting to another vet for a second opinion?

I'm glad to hear that she is better.
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I wish I could remember exactly what happened to my elderly cat. She was in her 20s, too. She was fine and then I looked over at her (she was laying on the sofa with me) and she was all limp and could not walk. I took her to the vet the next morning. He thought it was something neurological also. I think he gave her a cortizone shot or steriod shot (I really can't remember) in her spinal area???? She was never quite the same but lived 2 more years and was able to walk, go up and down the stairs, etc. It was very strange but I'm glad it worked and I'm happy that your kitty is better, too!
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How weird I dont have any experience with what you´ve described....but ........ just some of my thoughts........

oh dont please dont feel bad, you did the right thing and got her off to the vets what did the vet say when you rang to explain she was getting back to her normal self ? did they not want to see her again ? If you feel she needs more attention then certainly take her back in, if this vet wont see her, then as suggested go see another. Its very hard when you see your precious ones acting strange and it may bother you until you have some sort of answers that will ease your mind

She is a grand age, so it may (probably) be all linked. Heres sending lots of positive get well soon {{{{{vibes}}}}} to your kitty

Do keep us posted and good luck
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