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I have a kitty cop!

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One of my cats, Emmie, is my pain in the butt of the group, (dont get me wrong, I love her tons). She is constantly pestering me and messing with my stuff. ie: knocking things off of the counter, chest, window sill, computer table.....well you get the picture.

Just a few moments ago I was across the bedroom in my bathroom and she had jumped up on the cedar chest and proceeded to start knocking things around. I called to her, "Emmie!........Emmmmie?" no response, and yes she knows her name when she wants to.

Bozy and Buddy are the only dogs in the room with me at this time so I decided to see if Bozy would help me out. I said "Bozy! Go get Emmie" he looks at me and I pointed to her and said "go get her." So he trots over to her, nudges her on the rear end, and she jumped off of the chest and went under the bed. Good Bozy, he was so proud of himself and so was I.

A few moments later she jumped up on the chest again. And again I said "Emmmmie?" she quickly glanced toward Bozy, Bozy got into the "I'll get her again mom" position and Emmie swiftly jumped off of the chest.

Why it took me so long to discover Bozys hidden talent is beyond me but now I have an official kitty control officer.

Sorry to those that are exclusive cat lovers but I have to deal with both and in one way or another they both put each, in eachothers places from time to time. Unfortunatelly it's the dogs that get the claw end of the deal, if ya know what I mean.
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Ohhhhh I love that story!! Aren't they good, looking out for you like that? Good boy Bozy!
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You are sure lucky to have Bozy! A good assistant!
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thats awesome, haha!
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That is so cool. I think I'm going to give it a try!!
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