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Help: "cook" cat food

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Hello, im new to this forums...
Im in my friends house and his parents are in vacation so we are mostly by oursleves here...
Then we ran out of cat food this morning ( around 11 hours ago).
Well the cat is kinda fatty and we can get some food tomorrow,
so its not urgent...
But i would like to make him a meal so he doesnt get too hungry, makin his little cute kitty face while eating our legs >_<
Anyway its still a small cat... around 2~3 months...
Anyone could say what i could make with this?
Those are the ingredients that i have:
1 potato.
1 tomato.
1 carrot.
Lots of bread.
Frozen raw meat.

I made something but i think that it wont be good for the cat..
i made a pasta with milk,bread,nuggets and sausage...
looks horrible, smells great...
Well we got all the necessary cooking tools so anyone got an advice?
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Cow's milk is not terribly good for cats, but my dad used to feed our cats "sops" as a treat. It's torn up break soaked in milk. The cats loved it and I never saw any adverse reactions so it's probably ok in a pinch. You can also give him/her some boiled chicken without any spices.
Lots of clean fresh water is good too.

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Would some boiled nuggets replace the boiled chicken?
Also the thing i made also looks like the dictionary definition of "Sops"...
im not very good with english >_>

I fed the cat a bit of my pasta,
ill check if anything happens in 30 mins...
he loved it >_<
but anwyay im not sure if its good so if he doesnt make anything weird after that time ill feed him the rest.
I fed him around 1 centimeter^2
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30 mins have passed, the cat is now eating the pasta....
seems he loves it
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