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Remembering Lola

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I just wanted to put something on this board to commemorate Lola's short but happy life. She lost her battle to Feline Leukemia one year ago.

I don't really know what to say, other than that Leo, Ian and I miss her every day and look forward to the day when we get to see her again.

I love you, Lolie-polie and always will!

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Allie, what a difficult day of rememberance for you and Ian. Lola is a beautiful little soul, and I'm glad that she had such a good home and so much love in her short life. I have no doubt that she is watching you and is with you especially right now.
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RIP sweet little Lola, I hope you've found all my babies who lost their battle with leukemia too, enjoy playing and running and never being sick again
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Little Lola, you are such a special little one and the love from below will make you smile
enjoy your time over the Bridge with your new fur-family
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Thinking of you and sweet Lola today, Allie
RIP precious girl, knowing how much you were loved.
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RIP sweet Lola, knowing that your family down here miss you deeply, and can't wait to see you again.
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RIp little had such a short life, but your meowmy loved you more than you can ever know!
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A simple but lovely tribute.

Rest in peace and play Lola. Look down in love on those who miss you so much.
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Bless her little heart, what a beauty she is as well

Carry on having fun at the bridge sweet Lola

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I am sorry to hear of your loss. Maybe she plays at the Bridge with my Cleo, who also had Feline Lukemia.
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I am so sorry about your loss! I know how hard it is to lose your cat and how the pain even a year later hurts just as much. I hope no-one has made any insensitive comments to you about how long it has been (I have been askied "why I am not over it yet"), just know that all your friends here understand your loss and your pain and we are all here for you.
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Rest in Peace sweet baby

Your mommy loves you!
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Lola was such a sweet, beautiful girl. Even if her life was cut short, it was still a very happy life and she was very much loved and that's what really matters. Rest in peace sweet Lola, until your with your mommy again someday.
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