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cat harness

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Some time back, someone posted a question about cat harnesses. I bought one, today at Petco. It is adjustable, for all size cats and has a 6 ft. leash. It is made br Four Paws Products Ltd. Hauppauge NY 11788. I tried it out on Rowdy and took her out onto the patio. The experiment was a success. After playing with the leash, she proceded to explore the patio, eat some of Ike's food and play with dead leaves. We'll go out, later when its cooler and the bugs come out. Rowdy LIKES bugs. She rarely gets one, being a housebound cat.
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That looks like a great harness. We tried one with a feral cat we'd adopted (Lazlo) that wasn't a "figure 8." He was a kitten of about 3 1/2 months at the time, so still small. We bought one of those harnesses that is a straight line of material with a loop at either end. The stray, a large Maine Coon, (Booger) decided to drop by just then and scared the living daylights out of Lazlo. Lazlo bolted, and the clasp of the front loop came undone. He was gone in about a second. If he'd been wearing a figure-8 harness, depicted here, that wouldn't have been possible.

[Fortunately Laz bolted to his old home, a burrow up in the woods. It took several hours of lying there with some chicken to get him back, but he's living inside happily now. Didn't show any interest in going outside after that, actually].

We think he'd enjoy being outside, but we've been afraid to try again. With a figure-8 style like that, maybe we'd give it a go, again.

(Besides - he really seems sure he likes it here now, so maybe he wouldn't be so stubborn about coming back if he did get loose).

Thanks for the recommendation! :tounge2:
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Will it fit a 15 pound cat??? I'd love to take Twig outside but cannot find ANYTHING that'll fit him. I bought one and within a month it was to small for him.
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This one is adjustable, with 6 ft., to play with. I would think that it would fit almost any cat.
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can you tell me what the name of it is? I want to go and get one for Twig.
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It is the Four Paws cat harness. I included the company address, in my original post. I have seen similar ones, advertised in Cat Fancy magazine.
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