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Vibes please for Rocco

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Rocco is my sister's American Bulldog. He's a big ol' brute of a dog, and a sweeter brute you couldn't find. Well, he's actually my BIL's dog - totally spoiled rotten by Robby!

So here's the story... They live in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. Seriously, they are smack in between Ft. Collins, Colorado and Laramie, Wyoming (if you're at all familiar with the area). Their teenage son took Rocco with him and his friends when they were going exploring in the moutains. Well, Rocco saw something, jumped out of the open window of the car, and was seen chasing something into the forest. They looked and called for him, but couldn't find him. A week later...ROCCO CAME HOME! He was malnourished and wouldn't put weight on one foot, but otherwise seemed OK. Everyone was very happy to see him again! He came home on Thursday.

Yesterday, my sister noticed that he still wasn't using his rear leg, and it was now swollen. So off to the vet they went. Here's what my sister wrote me about what happened next:

He has a broken femur, and where I took him can't do the surgery. I have to go to a surgical specialist to fix his leg. You are never going to believe the estimate for the ranged from $2904.76 to $3,654.76. OUCH!!!! I then told the surgeon that we absolutely could not afford that. I guess he could see the pain in my eyes when I was telling him this and he lowered it to $2500. We still can't afford it, but I called Dad and we borrowed what we didn't have from him and are paying him back ASAP. Rocco then went into surgery yesterday and the surgeon ran into some problems with his leg. The bones were starting to calcify and was working it's way into the muscle. A lot more work for him. Rocco now has a titanium plate and a bunch of screws in his leg. He is so doped up right now. He has only been home for 3 hours now and we are so glad to have him home.

I'm very happy to say that the outlook looks very good. They are not to leave him alone for 6-8 weeks because of the extensive surgery. And I'm so very thankful that we have a father who not only has the means but most importantly the empathy to be willing to help out with a situation like this, and who knows that Rocco isn't "just a dog" but a member of their family.

So I'm really just asking for vibes that Rocco has a smooth recovery and no complications from the surgery. They love him so much, and he loves them - obviously since he made his way many MILES on a broken leg to come home to them.
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Here are some "smooth recovery" vibes for Rocco and your sister and her family!
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Thank Allie!

I just wanted to give y'all an idea of what Rocco looks like. This isn't him, but it looks like him:

He's about 120 pounds, and a BIG dog. Not like what you probably think of when you think "bulldog". Well, not what I think of when I think Bulldog anyway.

And this is what he looked like as a pup. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

He's one of those dogs that doesn't understand that he's really too big to be a lap dog (all of my sister's dogs are like that!), and he will try to get as much of himself onto your lap as he can!
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for a good recovery for Rocco. Glad your family was able to help one another get through this. An amazing story, Heidi. for happy endings!
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Good vibes for all of you.
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Wow I cant beleive Rocco found his way home, even injured. Bless his heart! And Bless your Father, too! Sending many healing vibes out to Rocco for an easy recovery and hugs to your sister and Father! What a wonderful family to look after Rocco no matter what it took!
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Oh, poor darling boy!! Many vibes for Rocco, and all his human family.
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Many great vibes going out for Rocco. It is very nice the he is so well loved. Get well soon, Rocco!
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Get well soon Rocco
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Oh - Big BIG vibes for Rocco - I know the place you're talking about and it is desolate. Especially this time of year. Imagine him coming back to them. What a big sweetie!
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Sending many vibes for a smooth recovery for sweet Rocco...Bless his heart for making it home to them, they must have been so relieved to see him. That is so nice of your dad to help his dog grandson!!!
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oh, what a very special guy he must be. Superior instincts and so loved to come home. He will recover, I'm sure of it, just fine and no doubt possess more "character".
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Many vibes for Rocco
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Sending many vibes for sweet, brave Rocco and his loving family.
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The poor little sweetie Sending lots of recovery vibes for him.
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Rocco is a pretty special pup. I forgot to mention that those miles he travelled to come home were over mountains and in sub-zero temps at night. It hasn't been above freezing up there for at least a week. He must have really wanted to come home!

Thank you, everyone for your thoughts, prayers and vibes for Rocco and my sister and her family. It really means a lot to me. (I'm planning on printing this out for her the next time I see her...)
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Rocco is one lucky pup to have such caring parents! Hopefully his recovery goes smoothly...the last thing the poor guy needs to go through is anything more!
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Oy vay! are heading Rocco's way!
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Oh poor baby! I'm praying his leg heals well and quickly! Your father is wonderful for helping!
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I will definitely keep little Rocco in my prayers. I hope he has a smooth recovery (((vibes)))
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I got an update from my sister, and Rocco is doing really good!

Here's her update:

Rocco is doing great. He is walking and is completely off of his meds. He misses taking his meds, he goes into the kitchen, sits down like a good boy, looks at the counter and then looks at me. It's like he's saying "Where's my treat?"

Thanks for all of the good vibes, I'm SURE that they helped him!!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
I got an update from my sister, and Rocco is doing really good!

Here's her update:

Rocco is doing great. He is walking and is completely off of his meds. He misses taking his meds, he goes into the kitchen, sits down like a good boy, looks at the counter and then looks at me. It's like he's saying "Where's my treat?"
I can't believe I missed this thread, but so glad he's now doing well! Amazing story Heidi. Go Rocco!
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awwwwww so glad to hear Rocco is better. How sweet is that about his meds.
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Many prayers going that way for a smooth recovery and NO complications!!
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I showed my sister this thread yesterday.

She wanted me to pass this along:

Any good vibes help thank you sooooo much. It is greatly appreciated and Rocco thanks you too. Expecially since he likes cats.

I had actually forgotten how much Rocco likes kitties. He really does, though. Two of his best buds are their two outside kitties (who live in the garage) and his other best bud is Samantha's Chihuahua mix. Rocco apparently likes the smaller critters. He really does have a heart of gold.
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I am glad to hear that Rocco is doing good. My Maggie, who broke her leg last summer, sends many healing vibes and says that you will be good as new soon. The feline brat pack also sends this to Rocco:
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