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Real title: New Cat Food?

The second week of November we got a kitten from our local animal shelter. She is 5 months old. Domino, cause she is black and white. She was feral. We are currently feeding her Purina cat food for all ages. We have noticed that she will eat WAY to much and then go throw up. It looks like part of her food was swallowed whole and not chewed. We thought about getting her either A) better cat food or B) changing her food over to soft food with a tiny bit of hard food for other times other then feeding times. Any thoughts?

Edit: Sorry about the title I have this program that auto fills in sometimes.
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I would feed her smaller portions, more often. She's going to eat too fast no matter what you feed her.
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Smaller meals

Evelvate her dish and possiblely out a rock( too big too eat ) in the middle of the dish

Use a flat saucer like dish

Better cat foods that dont cost too much and can be found at many pet stores

Nutro max
Chicken soup
Solid gold
Premium edge
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I have a gobbler and I put some marbles in her bowl to help slow her down. I also feed her a small portion of food first (about 0-15 morsels or so), then wait about 15-20 mins and then feed her a larger portion of food. I've found that when she eats too much on an empty tummy and her portion is too large, she'll throw it up. She doesn't like it when I serve her food to her like this, but I'd rather not have to clean up a pile of kitty barf! LOL

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