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Cat-Proof Bird Cage

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I've been looking for a cat proof bird cage...more so than the regular cages she has been in for the last 19 years of her life since now we have a curious cat. I've looked for acrylic cages, but the company that keeps coming up ( was used by my vet, and they just don't recommend them very highly.
It doesn't necessarily have to be acrylic, but just cat-proof.
I thought since many of us here have multiple species living in one house, there'd be a few recommendations.
Thanks so much!
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i don't know about "cat proof' cages, but I used to have a bird years ago and all we did was hang the cage from a hook in the ceiling. To cat proof you could just hang it in a place away from tables and such where the cat can't get to it.
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my birds are a lot safer in their acrylic bird cage. my cats look too cute when they figure out they can't figure out how to get the birds. the birds perch on lower perches next to the acrylic wall on the bottom. my cats sleep on the other side. I think they are friends that have acrylic cages from
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If you really want to tease your cat, get a fishbirdtank:

There's even a fancier one called the Duplex:

To prevent a cat from getting to it, creating a base that is no wider than the tank provides no ledge to jump on, and there are limits to how high a cat can jump.
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