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Out of her shell at long last

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This just happened...or IS happening, and I just had to share it.

Peanut Butterum and Sassy Sasparilla have been here a year and a half. Because of her deafness, it took nearly the first year to get Peanut out of her room. And even then, if she got taken by surprise she would still freak out and either hide or want to be held. Sassy has come along quite a bit better, but still stays close to Peanut, trying to act as her ears.

Just a second ago, an entire herd came galloping by, with Mischief, Trace and Rumpleteaser chasing Peanut and Sassy. I stood up ready to scoop up Peanut and calm her down....but when they disappeared into the back bedroom, I heard the familiar "stop and turn about", and then they all came thundering back...with Peanut CHASING the whole gang.

I'm sure that she'll still have her scared moments, but just seeing her romping and playing was made me just so happy
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Congrats! I know the joy of a kitty coming out of their shell. Scratch has had a rough one, but he is learning that this is his forever home and he isn't going anywhere.
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How wonderful!
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I can just picture it!

Way to go Peanut!
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Very good news!!! Now you are really going to have your hands full!!
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ah that's so sweet.
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Go Peanut! You show 'em who's boss!!
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How heartwarming. You must feel wonderful - I know I would.
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Give 'em heck, Peanut!
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Awww, that's great! Goooooooooooo, Peanut!!!
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Oh that is fantastic!
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That is GREAT...I could picture it all happening the way you told that story!!!
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That's great news. Goo Peanut. Glad to hear that she is coming around and wanting to play.
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Aw, that is great news
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