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Do you kitties burrow?

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My kitty loves to explore the caves of blankets, boxes, suitcases, and pillows.

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Noodles looooooves to burrow! You throw a blanket over her and she is just so happy!
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My Siam is a burrower, too. He loves to crawl under the blankets on the bed at night. He also has an afghan by the heat vent that my husband holds up for him so he can crawl under. He manages to burrow under by himself, but it's a little game they have together. Then Siam gets his eyes situated between the pattern of the afghan and watches us! It's very cute!
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Harriet loves to hide under the blanket. We can no longer just "jump" in bed without verifying where she is.

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Not usually. A few times I found Abby under a sheet that I hadn't yet put on the bed, but most of the time they are just happy to lay on something soft.

Boxes get sniffed, investigated and scratched, but neither one is into playing in them. I collapse them and put them behind my bookcase for them to use as a scratch post.
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I sat on poor Radar the other day when he was under the throw on the sofa
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Vanna loves to burrow. We have to be very careful with throws and stuff because you never know if she's under one!
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We have a duvet over the settee and Radar loves nothing more than dashing behind it and playing kitten-chase while I attempt to sit down and read the paper
Do you have any larger pictures snickersmom, I can't quite make your cat out from this
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That is so cute...my cats would never do that
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Today I got a small package in the mail, and Snickers followed me around until I opened it (It just had shirts in it...no treats for her). I set the box down on the table and went into another room. When I came back, Snickers had jumped up on the table trying to see the box (She never jumps on the table). I took the shirts out but left the wads of paper cushioning in and set the box on the floor. Immediately, Snickers managed to squeeze herself inside this tiny box, even with the paper still in it! See below!

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Gizmo only burrows in the wintertime. Sometimes she will wait for me to invite her in when I am taking a nap; more often, I find a 'kitty bump' in the bed when I come home from work. I must be careful to check for her there if she doesn't come running to meet me at the door!
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