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Silly kitty

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My cats hate to get wet.

One of them loves to sit on the edge of the tub while I shower or take a bath. Little Sarah is intensely curious and loves to be involved in everything. She sticks her head around the shower curtain to get kisses and everything.

She also often falls in the bath with me. I generally take the opportunity to give her a rinse off since she gets herself wet anyway. She never learns from experience and is often there again the next day nearly falling in. She's just silly.

Anyone else with cats like this? My other one, Isabel, likes to watch from the door, she knows about getting wet already.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering why I don't just close and lock the door... I do! That piece of the latch that slides into the hole in the frame is too short. Isabel tosses herself against the door and it opens then little Sarah runs happily in to see me.
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My cats hate to get wet too, but of course they think it's their duty to follow their owners into the bathroom! I always have company, no matter what my reason for going in the bathroom. When there's no water in the tub, the shower curtain provides a wonderful screen for hiding and attacking unaware cats and human beings. When there are water and bubbles with Mom in the tub, my female sits on the only seat in the room and watches. The male grabs at the bubbles, and has found out that they're wet, so he has come no farther. Your baby just can't resist, so he's probably the cleanest cat around! Poor thing! I keep expecting my male to land in the water, but so far, he's avoided it. I really think our cats are programmed at birth to accompany their human beings into the B.R. at all costs!
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Scooter will sometimes sit on the ledge of the bathtub while I take a shower. In fact, twice I have given him a shower, and he seems to not mind it. I just need some cat shampoo for him :LOL: Gizmo made a hole in the shower curtain because I turned on the shower while he was in there, and he bolted out. So, a few nights ago, Scooter was sitting there, and he stuck his head thru & it looked like he had a shower cape on. He sometimes sits in the tub, but behind the shower curtain. I have no idea what he does. His feet & tail gets wet. He hasn't done it for a few weeks now I miss that. Tigger & Gizmo just usually lay or sit on the floor while I'm in there.
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Snowball used enjoy walking around the edge of the bathtub and dipping his paws into the water when he was a small kitten. One night when my son was taking a bath Snowball accidently slipped and fell in, getting completely soaked. He got out of the bathtub just as fast as he could, and since then, he has been perfectly content to lay quietly on the bathroom floor whenever someone is bathing.
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Although most of my cats have a quirky water thing, the most puzzleing is my Maine Coon. He HATES taking a bath and getting groomed. Yet, he cries at the sink until I fill a glass with water for him and he sticks his head under the running water to get to the glass!
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Some of you actually CLOSE the door to the bathroom?!?!?!? You cruel, heartless people! LOL I only get a closed bathroom when I am not at home. Funny thing is, hubby can be in the bathroom with the door closed, no problem. Maybe they've been in there with him and know it is not a good place to be.... :laughin2 Me on the other hand, I always have company in the bathroom. But neither of them have ever taken an interest in our bathing. Don't know why.
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