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Have you ever noticed

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Okay I think I have told you all before that Lilly my dog gets on counters where as Tavia doesn't which is just opposite of what people would expect. But Tavia is allowed on the tv stand, computer desk, and anywhere but the kitchen table, counters, and stove. Well I have watched when Lilly gets on something she knocks everything to the floor to its doom if its glass. And Tavia can walk around on my tv stand and never once disturb anything not even my candles. And if Lilly was able to get on there she would probably manage to knock my tv off. And what I am getting at is have you ever noticed how easily your cats can walk on something we can't even get our toe on and be so graceful as to step around it and barely move the dust.
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yep.. wonton likes to jump up onto the cable box (which is on a cabinet type thing) and then from there, he goes to the top of the tv, and on the tv is one of the speakers from our speaker system.. on top of it is a little keepsake from my sister in laws wedding..well Wonton can perch ontop of that speaker and not even disturb the keepsake..he likes to just climb up there and sit there for a minute and survey his domain. Then he very carefully picks his way back down. He very rarely knocks anything over.

Theyre very graceful, cats I might have a pic of him on the tv somewhere.. I"ll have a look.
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found a pic...the keepsake isnt on the speaker in this one, but the sno globe is on the tv - he's never knocked it off

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Yep...but then one of my 2 rearranges the pics on my entertainment center every now and then. Havn't cauht them quite red pawed yet.
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