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Cat Losing Weight - Need Advice

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Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum.

My cat, Alley, is about 8 years old. She's always been an indoor/outdoor cat. No litter box since she's free to come and go through the pet door. I recently moved out of state and had to leave her with my mom since I'm not allowed pets in my current apartment. Back in May I noticed her starting to lose a little weight. She's always been a chubby girl, even as a kitten, so it was unusual. I wormed her with the OTC roundworm medicine and told my mom to keep an eye on her.

WHen I talked to my mom last night, she said that she is getting very very skinny. She still eats normally, doesn't "act" sick, her eyes are clear, she goes outside and drags in rats and chipmunks like usual! Everything is fine, except she's lost a bunch of weight. I don't have the money to send for my mom to take her to the vet, but will try to borrow it somehow if I can't find another solution.

Can anyone tell me what I should do? Do you think its just worms or something causing her to get skinny? How much would blood tests or whatever they need to do at the vet to find whats wrong with her cost? I plan to bring her to live with me as soon as I'm able, but for now, I'm trying to take care of her long-distance. Any advice appreciated.
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If she's outside, and catching/killing wild critters, there's a good possibility she could have tapeworm or other intestinal parasites. OTC dewormers aren't effective and can be dangerous. If the cat already has a regular vet she sees, your mom should be able to just have a stool sample checked for around $15 or so. The cost of the dewormer, if necessary, would vary, but for cats it's usually under $20. If you're short on money, that would be my first step.

If that comes up negative, she'll need a full check up and bloodwork. Depending on your vet and where your mom lives, I would gest the costs would start around $100.
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8 is a good time to get a BASELINE senior blood work up .... This would also catch any "senior issues" ... Also the worm possibilitys
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Thank you for your replies.

Would my mom need to collect a stool sample, or could the vet get one.. somehow.. if they take the cat in? Since she goes outside, I'm not sure she could get a sample. Maybe if she puts her in a room with a litter box?

I would like to get them to check for worms first, and if they don't find anything, then I would have them do the blood tests. She lives in Oklahoma, but I know vets are pretty expensive everywhere.

I hate not being there to take care of her.

Here's a picture of her last year, playing dress up, which she hates, lol.

Thanks for all your help.
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Hi just wanted to update everyone.

I've talked my mom into taking a stool sample into the vet on Monday, so they can check for parasites, so I'm hoping that's all that is wrong with Alley. If they don't find anything, I asked her to set an appointment to take Alley into the vet. I'll come up with the money somehow. I don't want anything to happen to my kitty. I'm hoping to have her sent to live with me next year.

I'll let you know what they find out Monday.
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The fact that she has visibly lost weight definitely means it is time for a vet checkup.

My first thought is that I would bring her indoors because there are so many dangers to cats who have access to the wild. But, that may not be feasible in your situation. So, it is very important that she is spayed and always stays up to date on all vaccinations. Hopefully, that is the case here.

As others have mentioned, it's probably a good time for the senior panel I would start with a vet check up, including a senior panel and stool analysis for parasites. (of course it is really important to mention if there have been any other physical or behavioral changes in her recently- vomiting, sleeping more than usual, excess or reductioning in drinking or eating, etc) And then take it from there. Just an added FYI, if she has stopped eating, she needs seen asap.

I would think parasites could definitely be an issue here because she catches wild animals. Good luck and please keep us updated, she is a beautiful cat!!!!
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I had her spayed when she was a year old so no worries there. My mom has a "doggie door" that can't be closed because she has a yorkie and 2 other cats that use it. Alley likes to stay inside and sleep most of the time but I don't think she would like being locked in.

They have postponed the vet visit until Tuesday since that is when my mom has the day off. She is still eating as much as always with no vomiting that I know of. She has no other symptoms, she's just skinny

I really hope they can find out something from the stool sample tomorrow.
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"Just skinny" - is not a good sign . Unexplained weightloss in humans as well as cats is serious !!!!!

ALWAYS REMEMBER - cats are very very good at hiding illness and it is our job to notice the little changes and this is a hugh change!

Please be sure that she gets tested for a hyper thyroid which can cause weight loss and is easily treated. But this is just a guess. In order to find out what is really causing the weight loss you baby needs to have a check - up with a senior pannel.

Please keep us in the loop.
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I think I have convinced my mom to take Alley to the vet instead of just taking in a stool sample, so hopefully she's going today to find out whats wrong.

The only other "symptom" she had noticed, besides the excessive weight loss is that she seems to be drinking a lot of water and has wet on the floor a couple times. It was snowing out at the time, so maybe she just didn't want to go out in it.

I should have answers today and will post here when I find out what the vet says. Please keep my baby in your thoughts.
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Have her checked for feline leukemia my boy had those symptoms before we had him diagnosed
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Originally Posted by arty'smom View Post
Have her checked for feline leukemia my boy had those symptoms before we had him diagnosed
I'm sorry about your boy. I really hope she doesn't have that

Unfortunately, my mom didn't take her in yesterday, she is supposed to do it today. I hate not being there so I can take care of her myself. Relying on other people and their schedule is never easy.
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I would be sure to have the vet do some blood tests. Hyperthroidism was previously mentioned but it also might be a good idea to have her BUN (blood urea nitrogen) checked as well.

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Just an update. They didn't get Alley to the vet until today and she is still there. They will call when they're finished running their blood tests, etc.

So far, the vet has said her mouth was white'ish inside because she's anemic, that she seemed a bit constipated and that her liver felt a bit large, but he didnt not feel any tumors, lumps, etc. anywhere. He thought her a bit young for most "senior" diseases, but is running tests for leukemia and I'm not sure what else.

Will post again after I hear from them.
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Keep us updated .... glad some bad stuff was rulled out
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I'm glad Alley got to the vet. I hope she's doing okay.
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Losing weight and drinking lots of water could be kidney problems or diabetes, something like that. She definitely needs a vet visit with bloodwork to find out what's going on.
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